For only the 5th time in franchise , the Cowboys are winless in the . Only once have they make the after a winless preseason during those years. Could this be one of those years? Yes, if the team fielded the exact same players all season who played the majority of last night's game.

But that's not gonna happen, so relax, .


and message boards/forums alike exploded last night with people dubbing the Cowboys the worst team in the NFL. I'm honestly not sure if those people realize only a handful of the players on the field last night are going to even make this team.

But I will say if the fans have anything to worry about, it's the depth of this team.

But let's get on to the game. The actually played decent until Denver's 2-min took over right before halftime, driving the entire length of field for a score. That was where a huge chunk of the Broncos' passing yardage came from.

After halftime, things got ugly. The Broncos' third and fourth string teams embarrassed the Cowboys – the third and fourth string teams. However, there were a few bright spots.

  • showed he could read a defense as he audibled out of a couple of plays when the Broncos showed blitz. He also showed the ability to move around, and stay in the pocket to take a hit.
  • LaRon Byrd continued to make a push for a regular season spot, but if he doesn't make this team he should have no problem getting picked up by another team for this season.
  • The same can be said for Jamar Newsome, as he had a decent night as well.

The struggled most of the game, no matter who was out there.

  • was the only one who showed he belonged on an NFL roster. The run game was nonexistent and the pass protection was even worse.
  • On the defensive side of the ball, made sure he cemented his name on this team, as did . Both played well in the first half.
  • Ken Boatright, Dartwan Bush and Zach Minter also made some plays, but if I had to bet on which one would make the team, my money is on Boatright.
  • Bush had some nice run stops and applied pressure but I'm just not sure it was enough to make the cut in Dallas.
  • Minter also showed up late against the run on a couple of occasions.
  • continued to get his work in and get back in football shape. He's not there yet, but you can see improvement since he first arrived. He blasted Brock Osweiler on a blitz that had the QB wondering what the hell hit him.
  • Nobody in the solidified a position on this team. Although probably did what he needed to do last week in Miami.
  • , who looked like a lock to make this team after week 1, hasn't done anything since.
  • was burned on a play or two as well.

Every preseason game had bad performances in the second half, and that tells me this team will be hitting the hard and often. It wouldn't shock me to see this team make a or two either.

Overall, this preseason wasn't a total loss.

We've seen how explosive this offense can be, and a steadily improving defense each game. While they still need help along the with and , one thing to keep in mind is that the starting defensive tackles have yet to play a down this preseason. So all hope is not lost Cowboy fans.

I see a team that will stay in games and fight. And really that's all you can ask for; never give up. But I'm going on record right now – it wouldn't surprise me one bit to see this team put up 10 to 11 wins this season. And that, folks, is enough to keep me optimistic about this season.