The Cowboys definitely needed a spark, but , as a whole, better temper their expectations. I know a lot of you have been waiting for and since Dallas traded for them, and to see inserted as the starting left .

Even though it's a , and there are two weeks to prepare for the , let's hold back the thought that the second coming is going to occur.Cowboys Blog - Cowboys "Highly Likely" to Make QB Change During Bye Week

The return of and  definitely made an impact, but there's still the possibility that and could very well not return against the Giants. Then there's the known fact that will not be available until November at the earliest.

We all knew at the start of the season that if Romo, Dez or god forbid, both went down that this team would struggle. That has been the case and we have all witnessed it.

The were willing to let go of Michaels for a reason and the same goes for Cassel.

They were available for a reason.

That's why they are now members of the Cowboys organization.

While the may give us hope, the reality is that even if Cassel, Michael and Collins are inserted into the starting lineup against the Giants, the results could very well be the same as the past three weeks.

I hope not, but the truth is no one knows. The Cowboys may very well go on a five-game winning streak as easily as they could lose the next five.

While the change may be just what this , the results could be the same. So let's all do ourselves a favor and temper our expectations when the Cowboys hit the field to play the Giants.

It may very well end up being more of the same. Or the Boys could look as though they are back on track with their winning ways.

You tell me:

How will the Cowboys' bye week changes affect to their on-the-field performance?