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If you are still adjusting your lineups in week 14 then you have made the playoffs, Congratulations! But before it is too late, make sure to shuffle some Cowboys into you roster. The Boys will be traveling to Chicago on Monday night. The big stage hasn’t been so friendly to us all year but the Thanksgiving game against Oakland might have been our turn around. Running back Demarco Murray finally had the type of day fantasy owners have been waiting for all season. He is a must start in all leauges this week, especially with the exit of backup Lance Dunbar for the year due to a knee injury. Murray racked up 32 fantasy points last week and propelled not only fantasy teams to victory but also was a major factor for the Cowboys victory over the Raiders.dt_common_streams_StreamServer

Don’t listen to the naysayers, just because it is December doesn’t mean Romo will fall apart. As far as fantasy points go, Romo hasn’t been producing like he was early in the season. But expect that to change when the Bears load the box this week to try and put an end to the deadly running attack Dallas has had the last couple of weeks. With his recieving core finally coming together due to the return of Miles Austin and the confidence in younger recievers, Romo seems to be completely confident in spreading the ball around.

It is hard to tell just how many catches Dez Bryant will have since teams tend to make it a point to shut him down, but since the Bears defense is in disarray right now I would still consider Bryant a top point getter at the reciever position. Outside of Murray, Romo, and Bryant there aren’t really any other players that will get you the points you need to keep rolling through the playoffs.

On the Chicago side of things, one peice of advice… don’t start their defense. Like I mentioned earlier it has been atrocious the past couple of weeks. It would be a suprise if the Cowboys don’t put up a good number of points on them. I will add, that even for you diehard Cowboy fans if you want to ensure that you are getting the most points possible at your receiver slot…start Alshon Jeffery. He is coming off the best outing of his career. He had 12 catches for 249 yards in last week’s loss against the Vikings. He has been consistent all year long on the opposite side of Barndon Marshall.

All in all, this matchup should prove to be a great game, and will give us a look at what is to come for Dallas. The biggest thing going into this week is that the Dallas offense should thrive aginst Chicago. So adjust your lineups accordingly.

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Written by Leif Johnston


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