We’ve all heard the news coming out of Valley Ranch lately — the Dez blow up, the Hardy questions that just will never end, and so on. But truth be told, today is the only thing that matters. Dallas HAS TO BEAT Tampa Bay if they have ANY hope of winning the .

This upcoming week should mark the long-awaited return of to try and help salvage the Cowboys season. If the likes of , , and do not step up and help the Cowboys secure a victory, Romo’s return may be moot.

The Cowboys have no reason to lose today’s game. They are the better team, they have more talent, and they by hell better be playing with more intensity and desperation. Let’s take a look at what the Cowboys need to be successful.Cowboys Blog - Don't Blame Coaches for Cowboys' Slide

I will give Cassel his due. He played better last week than I thought possible, yet another pick six — his second in three games. Cassel has got to protect the football.

The has been playing solid of late, but if there’s one thing that we can count on each and every game so far this year it’s bone-headed pre-snap . They have got to stop.

and have been money. The rest of the , not so much. It’s time to make a play. This doesn’t mean a punt, but how about a simple punt return to flip the field position in the Boys’ favor.

We’ve come to expect a lot more from this Cowboys — no after the third quarter, no turnovers in who knows how long, not being able to provide just one critical stop.

Time to put Mr. Winston on the ground and help him search for some earthworms. Along with a turnover or two to give the a few extra possessions.

The Cowboys can get it done, but it’s up to them. If they fail yet again, and for the seventh game in a row, it’ll be time for the Cowboys and everyone associated with the team to take a good hard look in the mirror to re-evaluate what they are.