Romo Returns. Color Rush uniforms unveiled. Exit , and . Enter Robert Turbin, Mark Nzeocha and Deji Olatoye.  It has been quite the week. Up next the and . At least his parents got the kong part right.

The NFC East is a mess, and if the Cowboys are going to keep any chance of a playoff berth alive, they must win today. No excuses. Not tomorrow. Not next week. Today!

Here's a look at three things the Boys can do to secure their first win in what seems like 100 years.

Stuff Ndamukong Suh Like The Thanksgiving Day Turkey

There's no denying the man's ability, there's also no denying that he is widely considered one of, if not, the dirtiest player in the . , La'el Collins, and will be the men responsible and need to show Suh where his rightful place on the field belongs.

Let Dez Dominate

Brent Grimes is a very good . Let's see just how good he is and unleash the beast. While Bryant may not be completely healthy the god given talent in that man's body can dominate a game. RJ let you know earlier that it's been almost a year since we've seen a Romo to Dez touchdown. That streak will end today.

Control Field Position

Are you sick and tired of watching the Cowboys start inside their own twenty-yard line and their opponents within spittin' distance of mid-field? I am. Romo's return is great and that's certainly going to help the Cowboys ; and now is the time for the to put the clamps on the opposing team's offense.

And if Suh stuffing doesn't quite fill you up check out Five Bold Predictions for dessert.