Preseason Week 1, Denver @ Dallas

And though the preseason has only just begun, they looked promising doing it.

It’s not often a Cowboys fan will talk down about their team or point out glaring overall flaws in the team, whether players or coaches, but this time around there’s really no need to point anything out.

The defense struggled. They missed coverages and blocks and tackles. Their mental error rate, as a unit, rivaled that of a typical mentally retarded man. But there is one glimmer of hope for this new Rob Ryan led defense and it’s a big one. The CBA debacle meant no practicing, no playbooks, no conditioning programs, and no meetings. These players just began to discover Ryan’s plan a couple of weeks ago, and it’s not a simple defense to learn. Certainly not something that a mere two weeks of studying and practicing will master.

The injuries to Keith Brooking, Terence Newman, and Mike Jenkins only compounded the problem. Those are two of the defensive leaders on this team – two men who make it their business to set an example for those younger and greener Stars around them.

Fret not my fellow Cowboys-ians; this team is far from over with regards to the defense. In fact, I’d weigh in that they’re simply getting started and what better time than preseason?

The offense maintained the ole status quot and did the most damage from behind in the fourth quarter.

I can’t say that I was totally pleased with McGee’s outing but some credit is due – one INT early in his game followed by his lead on the comeback tour. It won’t unseat Romo, or even Kitna, but Jon should be eying his six carefully. Because as we all know, Romo could go down at any time and if he does, it won’t be about experience, agility, or age when choosing his replacement at the helm. It will be about performance. If McGee can match last night’s finish next week and the week after, then he’ll have the leg up on Kitna come time to snap.

Just mention for Mr. Harris – Nice work rook.


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