Cowboys Injury Update: Henry Melton Strains Groin


has been having a really good so far, going toe to toe with 1st round pick every practice.  Melton, at times, making the rookie remember that he's a rookie, and other times, Martin would make Melton remember he wasn't just another rookie.

Those battles have been put on hold for the moment. Melton was in one of those battles when he came up limping and was emotionally distraught as he left the field.

While many feared it was his knee again, it was later discovered he had a strained groin muscle.  And what does this all mean? Well it means we probably will not see Melton in the at all.

This team will not take the risk of losing Melton for the entire season by just keeping him out a week, so he'll get his work in for the rest of training camp but that could just be conditioning and rehabbing the .

So who hops in his place?  or .

Neither rookie played well last week, and the reason for that could have been a multitude of things. Whatever the reason was, they need to get it worked out quickly, because another performance like last week in San Diego, and both of those players could be looking for work somewhere else.