Cowboys Lose to G-Men: The Good, Bad, and Ugly

    Down and out? Don’t be. Yesterday, despite a heartbreaking loss in the final :04 seconds of the game, we learned a lot about our . Today, We learned a lot about , and Tomorrow we’ll learn a lot about the team.

    It’s not December but the Cowboys kind of looked like it was. Romo throwing 3 interceptions in a game that had huge implications despite being only week 2. I’ve learned a lot about Romo, and may even be willing to discredit two of those Interceptions.

    For now we’ll take a look at the Good, Bad, and just plain Ugly of this weeks game:

    The Good:

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    -The Cowboys showed excellent resilience in a game where they could’ve have been emotionally, mentally, and physically depleted. The heart of this team is much better then it was last year, and heart will eventually create deep chemistry which ultimately creates wins.


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    – Our Rushing Attack featuring , , and was epic. They accounted for over 250 yards of rushing and at times you weren’t able to distinguish some of the backs (I.E. Tashard Choice running over some blue jerseys). If this continues look for dominance to become status quo for the Cowboys.

    – Our Rushing was top notch, keeping the best group under 100 yards total. While doing that the Cowboys were able to consistently put pressure on . These are both upgrades from a week ago.

    – The team seems to be improving, perhaps (in theory) if they play like December this month the other months will be smooth as silk? Just trying to give you all a different aspect.

    The Bad:

    , who I’ve been a big supporter of, has not been able to impress me at all these last two games. Instead it’s been who, to me, has earned the starting role. Scandrick was just sorry on tackling and coverage, once again letting mediocre receivers have huge games.

    once again were a big part of the game. Though I must say the ref’s were maybe a little too eager. Newman shouldn’t have been called on that pass interference, the ball actually was not catchable. However, once again amazed me with a obvious trip that was both classless and unsportsmanlike. Not to mention it negated a huge pick up from .

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    – Tony Romo Throws 3 interceptions in the span of one game, again. I will give Romo the Witten interception that was a poor effort on the part of Witten and frankly a circus like accident. Another one that I will give him is the one to Crayton. The coverage was well disguised and it was hard to see. Not escaping me though is that last one near the goal line, when we could’ve just ran the ball and taken control. Romo- I support you and I value you as my teams , but keep your eyes open man, don’t force it anymore. Ok, you’re forgiven.

    -Derek Eagleton once again completely bashing the cowboys on the site. I mean he has no respect or loyalty to the players of the game. He’s not exactly out there playing. Ok, maybe that didn’t affect the outcome but he still pisses me off.

    The Ugly:

    – Circus like plays were happening that just couldn’t be helped. Like the bobbled catch in the end zone which appeared to be perfect coverage by Newman and Sensabaugh. Also, the deflected pass into the hands of Mario Manningham to put them into field goal range. Just odd man.

    The Roundup:

    This loss can not be contributed to one person. Though Tony did have a bad game, he isn’t the worst quarterback in the league, and though I know you all will petition for his , I still have faith in him. The pass defense must also be improved, but I think we have the personnel to complete the transformation from last years sorry . Overall, this loss has shown us that we can be beat but we have improved vastly. Next up is the panthers, lets dispose of them and forget this all ever happened.

    Bo Martin
    Bo Martin
    Former Sports Writer. Veteran. Serving veterans is my passion. Johns Hopkins Student. Enjoy Discussing Politics and sports!


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    Take away the turnovers and stupid penalties and its a completely different game. Although I would have liked to see a win on opening day of the stadium I do keep reminding myself it was only week 2. I look forward to seeing a hungry, fired up football team next week when we face the Panthers!

    Joe C

    Suprised their is no mention of Garrett in this write up. What was he thinking? We had a nice drive of nothing but rushing towards the end that resulted in 7. Next possession he comes out and throws 3 times? COME ONE!

    Jonathan Day

    In hind sight, I do feel pretty good about that game. I wasn’t really all that afraid of the Giants going into this game; but now, I honestly think they can’t handle the Cowboys.

    In a way, it’s a bit of a confidence booster to know that it took some crazy bounces, a pass being deflected accurate, and 4 turnovers that yielded something like 24 easy points for the Giants, for them to beat the Cowboys by 2. In NY, they are celebrating their returning heroes, but I think we all know here in Dallas fans would be jumping off the nearest cliff following a win like that. See the response to the Bengals and last week’s Bucs game. I mean, I honestly think I’d be more concerned about the Cowboys if they won like the Giants won then having lost as a result of that. Most people expect the team to lose the turnover ratio by 4 to lose the game. That’s football.

    With all that being said, the Cowboys do need to get their collective heads out of their ass; in particular, Romo.


    I’m a Giant fan looking at various write ups to see how Giants fans and Cowboys are reacting to the game. And while I’m happy the Giants won, especially in Dallas when they are opening their brand spanking new stadium, I am not acting like the Giants are Super Bowl bound after a big win at Dallas on such an important day in jerry jones history. The Giants should have run the ball better and stopped the run better. And that was a great job by Dallas to negate those 2 aspects of the Giants game. But while they were not perfect I, as a Giant fan, am not about to panic that the didn’t dominate the Cowboys.

    First of all they were playing in Dallas against a team opening their new stadium in front of a record setting crowd(at least Jerry won that little insignificant title). I’d say that’s a big home field advantage.
    Second, while I would have liked a better result from the run plays, the Giants attacked and obvious weakness in Dallas’ secondary knowing full well that Dallas wanted to stop the run and didn’t think the Giants had the WRs to win the game, or the QB for that matter.
    Third, the Giants were thin defensively and got thinner as the game went on. They didn’t want Romo to beat them, especially after the game they had against Tampa Bay and totally neutralized the passing attack while capitalizing on Romo’s mistakes. Something good teams do.

    There is room for improvement for the Giants, for both teams. But one of the things the Giants have that Dallas does not is the organization, from owner to coaches and coordinators, to right their ship. Tom Couhlin and his staff are far better than Wade and his. As is the Giants ownership and GM. All throughout the game the Giants stayed the course and executed their game plan. Trusted their team to make plays in big moments and came through with a big divisional win on Jerry Jones’ big day. That’s why after this game the Giants and their fans have a brighter season ahead than the Cowboys.

    Phillip Baggett

    This game was very demoralizing for me as a fan of the Cowboys. The Cowboys man handled the Giants the entire game on both sides of the ball, but yet we lost. There is not a team in the league that can win when they commit 4 turnovers (especially ones that lead to 24 points) yet the Cowboys had the lead with 2 minutes to go. Now Giants fans can say all they want about our owner, organization, players, and coaches because the Giants won the game. However did the Giants really win the game? or did the Cowboys lose the game? There are arguments for both sides, and those arguments would go on forever. The good news is the Cowboys will play the Giants again this year! I must say though I really hate having to listen to New York fans tell me how great their team, coaches, players, owner, and organization are. Mainly because as soon as that team stumbles (and they will) New York fans will be calling for peoples heads! Every year I get to hear you fools talk all your smack when the train is rolling, then I get to hear the same folks screaming for their lives as they jump off the ship! Seriously how freaking lucky can one team be, I mean a guy catches a terribly thrown ball (now labeled a champion) with his helmet and then gets an interception on a ricochet off another guys cleat! The best part is the guy had no idea where the ball was until it landed in his hand! We will see you guys again but for now I guess I have the pleasure of listening to disgusting “Eli Manning is the Greatest of All Times” talk.

    Joe C

    “Seriously how freaking lucky can one team be, I mean a guy catches a terribly thrown ball (now labeled a champion) with his helmet and then gets an interception on a ricochet off another guys cleat!”

    Haha been telling my friends that ever since it happened. Now that my pissed off faze is over, I am not worried (yet) about this team. I think they will pull it together and will get shit straight. Romo will still throw those horrible decision passes but not on a regular basis. He will get it back together, along with the team to finish out the games until bye week. There is no reason we shouldn’t be 4-1 going into the bye. Which will give us time to prepare for the Falcons, I can’t wait.

    P.S. – I am tired of everyone around here saying “way to blow it int he new stadium”, and my response is I could give a shit about the stadium “record”, I care more about the teams record, there are still PLENTY of games to be played in that behemoth!

    Jose Arguijo

    Okay but it’s history, first team to beat cowboys in their nice stadium!! Man, it’s HISTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bryson Treece

    You might have missed this, but this post is from 2009 so the history part is pretty certain. Thanks for reading? 🙂