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Why The Cowboys’ Meetings With DE Tarell Basham Seem To Be Justified

Ohio University isn't exactly known for producing professional football studs, but if their mean anything, the believe they've found one in .

The 2016 MAC , Basham enjoyed an incredibly productive collegiate career, complete with a double digit sack season. At 6'4″ 269 pounds Basham possesses a long, strong build which should have scouts salivating going into the .

I recently scouted Tarell Basham for Slant Sports, and while I came away giving him a grade, I believe that he could be a high value selection on Day Two of the NFL Draft for the Cowboys this year.

At his best, Basham is a dynamic rusher with a quick first step, powerful rip move, and strong, active hands. Possessing an explosive burst off the snap and the ability to jar-back offensive linemen with his powerful strike, Basham flashes a high ceiling when it comes to rushing the passer.

Though Basham's pass rushing skills are raw, something I absolutely loved about him on film was his effort and motor. On the play above, Basham beats the left with a quick inside counter move, after setting him up with speed rushes on the previous passing downs.

His ability to win with this counter move is both impressive and important to his projected NFL success, but the fact that he was held on the play and brought down from behind only to still come away with the sack due to relentless effort, was phenomenal.

Tarell Basham clearly has the upper body strength and traits to set the edge at the next level. When he puts it all together, it is a pretty thing to see.

Against the run, Basham shows he has the power and get-off to set the edge, and shed blocks to make tackles. He seemed to have good block/play awareness, and was strong enough to fight pressure with pressure to re-gain the edge and defeat reach blocks.

Rarely did I see Basham get knocked off the line of scrimmage when fighting run blocks, which is always important for a to avoid.Why The Cowboys' Meetings With DE Tarell Basham Seem

Of course, Tarell Basham is not without his flaws, either.

Often, he seems to forget that he has powerful hands and long arms, and fails to use his length/strength to his advantage. Basham has a solid rip move, and can win with inside counter moves, but must improve on his pass rushing repertoire more to reach his full potential. Basham also looks stiff in his hips at times, preventing him from bending to his best ability.

Still raw as a pass rusher, I believe that many of Basham's issues can be fixed with good , something the Dallas Cowboys have an abundance of right now.

While I don't believe Tarell Basham is the “war daddy” fans are looking for, he would be a nice addition to the defensive end rotation during his rookie year. If taken on Day Two, I'd be more than happy to welcome Basham to Dallas with open arms.

With time and coaching, Basham may be able to elevate himself to starting status, and could reach the pass-rushing ceiling which many scouts believe he has.

If that happens, look out.

Kevin Brady
Kevin Brady
Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and have been with ITS since 2016.

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