Cowboys Missing Out On LB Navorro Bowman A Good Thing? ✭
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Cowboys Missing Out On LB Navorro Bowman A Good Thing?

Cowboys Missing Out On LB Navorro Bowman A Good Thing?

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Cowboys Missing Out On LB Navorro Bowman A Good Thing?

(Nhat V. Meyer/Bay Area News Group)

Cowboys Missing Out On LB Navorro Bowman A Good Thing?

A lot of Cowboys Nation were optimistic that the Dallas Cowboys would be able to bring in former San Francisco 49ers linebacker Navarro Bowman to help improve things on the defensive side of the ball. Unfortunately, as reported by Ian Rapoport, Bowman decided to stay in the Bay Area and sign a one-year contract with the Oakland Raiders.

Ian Rapoport on Twitter

Former #49ers LB NaVorro Bowman is signing a 1-year deal with the #Raiders, source says. That was fast.

Knowing the Oakland Raiders had the first crack to convince Navorro Bowman to sign with them meant it was a long shot he would ever make the Tuesday meeting with the Dallas Cowboys in the first place. And yet, Cowboys fans still held out hope the former star LB could be the saving grace for the run defense, because we all know Jerry Jones is a great salesman and rarely lets a free-agent getaway he really wants.

I don’t know about you, but I’m personally not too upset the Dallas Cowboys weren’t able to land Navorro Bowman. Now, before you all get upset with me, let me try to explain myself.

LB NaVorro Bowman

(Jose Carlos Fajardo/Bay Area News Group)

First off, Navorro Bowman isn’t nearly the same type of player he used to be earlier in his career. If that was the case, the San Francisco 49ers wouldn’t have been willing to let him go, even if they do have a young promising prospect waiting in the wings behind him.

Bowman’s age and injuries have caught up to him and as a result, affected his play. He is still pretty good defending against the run, something the Cowboys need help with, but has really started to struggle in pass coverage. That means he would probably be nothing more than a two down linebacker who came off the field passing situations. Those types of LBs aren’t that difficult to find.

Secondly, the addition of Navorro Bowman would have likely been a progress stopper for Jaylon Smith. Smith has had his up-and-down’s through the first five weeks of the season, but there has been more positives than negatives.

LB Jaylon Smith

LB Jaylon Smith

With Anthony Hitchens and Navorro Bowman on the team at MLB, it doesn’t leave a lot of playing time for the Dallas Cowboys 2016 second round draft pick. And, Jaylon Smith needs as much playing time as he can get in order to learn and gain more confidence in his mental/physical abilities. He is after all a future cornerstone player on the Cowboys defense.

The Dallas Cowboys need to get Jaylon Smith up to speed as quickly as possible and unfortunately Bowman’s addition would have set him back in his development. And let’s be honest, Bowman probably wasn’t going to have that much of an impact anyways. This defense needs more help than just one player can provide.

So as you can see, even though the Dallas Cowboys missed out on Navorro Bowman, it might actually end up being a good thing in the long run. Jaylon Smith is the future of this organization and the Cowboys should be doing everything in their power to help in his development, not hinder it.

Is missing out on Navorro Bowman actually a good thing?

Brian Martin

Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.

  • Les Matthews

    Smith needs playing time — like 20 snaps a game max. He’s been relied upon too heavily.

    • Brian Martin

      That’s my thinking as well. He still shows a lot of promise, but he needs time to adjust himself to the game. He’s not trusting what he’s seeing and isn’t reacting accordingly. I also don’t think he’s quite there physically yet either. He still needs his repetitions in order to develop, but he’s not ready to start.

  • Hobbes49

    I agree with you. I know we have been lacking depth at the LB position, but with everyone back we should finally be able to see the rotation the coaching staff envisioned for this season. Wondering if and how the addition of Justin March-Lillard will affect the rotation. I would like to see this group for the forseeable future to see what they can accomplish.

    • Brian Martin

      The Cowboys could certainly use more depth at the position, but I didn’t really think Bowman was the answer. If the starters (Lee, Hitchens, and Wilson) can stay healthy, then they are good at the position. Then you can work Smith in as needed to help boost his confidence and him develop more.

      • Hobbes49

        Agreed. I think a healty Lee and HItchens could help this group finally reach their expected stride for the rest of the season.

        • Brian Martin

          I’m certainly hoping so LOL

  • MLV

    This article makes no sense, you talk about Bowman not being the same player because of injury, well the Cowboys have the same problem, can’t keep players on the field because of injury, cutting into Smith’s playing time and development, the guy is being over worked and is clearly not 100%, he had the runner from GB in his sites in the hole and couldn’t make the play due to lack of explosiveness , you have players now who sub between pass and run situations , you improve your defense one player at a time!

    • Brian Martin

      The Dallas Cowboys do have the same problem, which is why I thought it was a good thing not to sign Bowman. Why sign another player who is in their decline and is limited to what they can do on the field. Better to stick with what you have and allow Smith to develop/progress. I don’t think Bowman would have been an improvement.

      • MLV

        Smith is the future,the way he is being overused especially when he’s not 100% is not helping his future, Bowman is as good against the run as anyone on this current roster, he is proven to be as good if not better than what we have, this is why we are getting run on by rookies and anyone else, what we have is not working!

        • Brian Martin

          Smith unfortunately wasn’t even supposed to be a regular contributor to start the year. Anthony Hitchens’ injury forced him on the field before he was ready, but there was flashes of the player he was in college. He just needs more time to develop and acclimate to the game once again. I think they will get better now that Hitchens is back and Sean Lee is healthy. At least, that’s what I’m hoping.

  • Anthony Ceniccola

    totally agree with this. great write-up Brian, as usual! I think experience is such a huge benefit, and as i stated in another one of your articles I think experience is just what 54 needs now. Hitchens coming back is the best thing for the team and smith, it will take less responsibility from smith but allow him to grow.

    • Brian Martin

      Thanks Anthony for the compliment. I completely agree with you about Hitchens and Smith. It takes the pressure off Smith from having to be the starter, while also giving him time to develop.

  • Russ_Te

    I don’t believe Smith has been used in the blitz packages yet, but as I posted before he does seem to have his straight-line speed back.

    Not against SF, but you can hold a card back where you just put him wide of the DE on a long down – like an old Bears 46 alignment – and send him after the passer. It’s probably good for some disruptions before that opponent adjusts. If Smith gets a big play, it’s what you’re looking for to give him a boost mentally.

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