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Should Cowboys Move Jameil Showers Back to QB?

Last year the Cowboys moved to , hoping to find a better way for him to make the team. After the personnel changes this , quarterback may now offer the best opportunity. Dallas might want to consider a role reversal.

Showers' transition to safety was announced in early October. After two offseasons with the Cowboys since being an undrafted in 2015, Jameil's proven to be a standout player. He's also been useful as a scout team QB when needing to prepare for mobile passers.

Jameil Showers
Jameil Showers (Matthew Emmons- Sports)

I've always felt that Showers looked competent at quarterback. His stats have not been great, but he's often in bad situations because of playing with third-string talent or worse. When it comes to the eye test, though, Jameil has generally looked controlled and able to execute the when possible. His mobility is an obvious asset, also.

The move to safety last year was surprising but logical. Showers is listed at 6'2″ and 230 lbs., which is a small for many teams these days. Having played QB could give him unique insight for diagnosing plays from the other side of the ball.

At this point, though, Dallas has stocked up on safeties. , , and are all coming back. They signed veteran just before the draft and then spent a sixth-round pick on , who they reportedly had a much higher grade on. The Cowboys may have a hard time keeping all five of these guys; there's little chance Showers could make the team.

Jameil Showers
Jameil Showers

On the other hand, back at Showers' old quarterback position, the Cowboys have not added much. is returning as the assumed backup and then two undrafted rookies, Austin Appleby and , were signed last week. It would seem there's more opportunity for Showers to make an impact there then at safety.

While his 2016 should not having lingering effects, Kellen Moore is still just one bad hit away from leaving Dallas in a very bad spot with their backup job. It's very possible that Showers would be a better option than either of the rookies as a third quarterback, or if nothing else the scout team QB on the practice squad. If something happened and a guy had to be called up during the year, Showers might give you more confidence than Appleby or Rush.

Granted, we still haven't seen the rookies in . One of them might do enough that you're not worried about it. But if Showers remain a safety now until August, is it too late at that point to make the change?

It's certainly not the biggest issue hanging over the right now, but every player on the roster should be put in the best position to succeed. I don't see a way for Showers to contribute at safety, but the road seems far more open at quarterback. They had good reasons to move him when they did, but there are compelling reasons now to reverse that call.

Jess Haynie
Jess Haynie
Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!

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You say Kellen Moore is one bad hit away from needing a new 2nd team QB. This is true for all Quarterbacks. Kellen Moore has not been injury prone his whole career. I believe it might have something to do with the fact he is not a runner, has a quick release, knows where to step in the pocket and falls away from the pressure or sack. The injury last year in practice was a fluke as the quarterbacks are not to be touched but he was stepped on because the offensive player let the defensive player push him backwards. This could of even been the coaches fault and could have happened to any of the Quarterbacks including Prescott and Romo. Quarterbacks if they are to be protected in practice should not have offensive lineman stepping on them as this would make the Quarterback vulnerable to an injury.

G Austin

With my eye test I was very impressed with Showers at QB, but I don’t have insight on what he was “expected” to do. However, now that he has seen Dak become successful doing certain things with the offense, I think Showers could replicate pieces of that because of his mobility. Because he is a special teams asset, I would definitely give him the oppo to move up the QB ladder. He seemed poised considering the talent he has had around him with his very limited play opportunities. If the other QBs are “only” QBs, then I would think Showers has an advantage. He’s athletic.

Stephen L. Holley



I hate to say this but from what I can see Jameil Showers look heads and shoulders better than anybody on Dallas Cowboys roster outside of Dak and I’m talking about 2016 and 2017. I’m not going to say it but something seems suspicious about this. Jameil needs to be given a real opportunity by the Dallas organization. Jerry Jones treatment of black quarterback since Quincy Carter has always seemed suspicious. Just something I thought about 15 minutes ago. Dallas Cowboys still want learn. Just look at the Dak and Romo situation and how Jerry handled and don’t forget about Quincy Quarter. I hate to say race is at play but maybe it is!

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