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Cowboys Offense: More Hot Sauce Needed From Cole Beasley

Brian Martin



There very few players around the NFL that can do what Cole Beasley does when he's on the field. It's no wonder that he is one of the fan favorites around Cowboys Nation. But, for some reason or another the Dallas Cowboys have failed to really get him involved in the passing game as much as they probably should.

There is no denying that Cole Beasley is a special talent. No, he's not the biggest or strongest wide receiver in the NFL, but he is one of the few who is virtually impossible to cover one-on-one by any defensive back. That is why I believe we need to see much more of Beasley and his signature hot sauce celebration.

I completely understand there are many mouths to feed on the Cowboys offense and everybody wants to be more involved, but Cole Beasley is really the only one I believe needs to see more targets in the passing game. I know some of you may disagree, but give me a chance to try to explain myself.

WR Cole Beasley and QB Dak Prescott

Dallas Cowboys' Dak Prescott (4) and Cole Beasley (11) celebrate a touchdown scored on a passing play by Beasley in the second half of an NFL football game against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, Nov. 5, 2017, in Arlington, Texas. (AP Photo/Brandon Wade) 

Cole Beasley = Security Blanket

You may or may not have heard of the term "security blanket", but it basically refers to someone who is reliable play after play in the NFL. That's what Cole Beasley needs to become once again for Dak Prescott, like he was a season ago.

It's easy to forget that Beasley was the Dallas Cowboys leading wide receiver last season. He caught 75 passes for 833 yards and scored five touchdowns in 2016. Unfortunately, that success hasn't carried over into this season, but that has a lot to do with the fact he's not as involved in the offensive game plan as much this year for some reason.

Cole Beasley and Dak Prescott need to become best friends once again in the passing game, especially with Ezekiel Elliott not in the lineup. Prescott needs a reliable target to depend upon and with how quick and shifty Beasley is, he's the most logical choice since he is almost always open.

WR Cole Beasley

Jan 15, 2017; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Cole Beasley (11) runs the ball against the Green Bay Packers during the first quarter in the NFC Divisional playoff game at AT&T Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY

An Extension of the Running Game?

One of the many problems the Dallas Cowboys had against the Atlanta Falcons was that the offense was continuously in long down distant situations. This allowed the Falcons pass rush to pin their ears back and get after Dak Prescott. Without a reliable running game to depend on, the offense needed to turn to the passing game to create favorable down in distant situations.

Enter Cole Beasley.

The Dallas Cowboys offense absolutely has to find a better way to create favorable down the distance situations without Ezekiel Elliott. To me, this is where Cole Beasley needs to be utilize the most. He is at his best at the short to intermediate routes, which means he could be used as an extension of the running game.

The New England Patriots are the masters at using their WRs in this fashion. The Patriots don't really have a reliable running game, much like the Cowboys now, but they use their receivers to pick up the slack. Tom Brady gives his WRs a chance to pick up yards after the catch on the short/intermediate routes. That's something the Cowboys need to incorporate into their offense with Cole Beasley.

Until the Cowboys running game is reliable once again, they need to use Cole Beasley and possibly Ryan Switzer in the passing game to create better down and distant situations. This takes a lot of pressure off of Prescott and also builds his confidence at the same time. It also keeps the opposing defenses pass rush from being in attack mode all the time.

Will we see Cole Beasley add a little more hot sauce to the Cowboys offense?

Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.

  • oneputter

    we have to win on first down, we certainly didn’t against atlanta.

    too many penalties have hurt us as well.

    time to get one of these bigger wr’s in the slot, dez, butler or brown, create mis-matches. get 10 out there running up the seam clearing out the middle of the field. intermediate to deep crossing routes…..

    i will say this again and again, dak needs to get the ball out faster, he is holding onto it way too long. he has gotten away from stepping up into the pocket, instead he leaves it all together. read the defense, step up and make the throw.

    • Brian Martin

      Very well said and I completely agree with you.

      • Michael Barthel

        I read a article that said no team has been penaltilized in last 26 quarters for offensive holding against Dallas. I don’t see how when we have Irving and Lawrence playing out their minds. The refs missed so many calls in that Atlanta game it’s like the nfl are taking it to Jerry and Dallas for this whole him suing thing. It’s funny Jarvis Landry had same situation as Elliott and he got no games and Elliott got 6. Anyways they missed so many facemask calls on dak, dez and Beasley getting knocked down running route no flags. The refs job is to protect the qb and if it was tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers they would have called that facemask in a heartbeat. I think they are trying to screw us and Dallas fans will feel it the most

        • Brian Martin

          I actually wrote about the entire officiating fiasco earlier this week. It does seem like the NFL is out to get the Dallas Cowboys, but unfortunately I don’t see anything changing anytime soon.

  • Russ_Te

    I believe secondaries are rotating down on Beasley more & treating him like the key receiver to stop. Last year he was the beneficiary of extra help on Dez.

    I agree there are ways to get him the ball regardless. But this passing game does seem to have a missing link – i.e., nobody who opens the floodgates like Dez used to with his presence & downfield threat.

    Moreover, it can use any boost available right now. The Eagles are 4th in total offense and score 31.4 per. If the Cowboys don’t get a fix at LT & most of the running game back, it’s over anyway. But it’s time for new stuff on top of that. Get the W this week, still alive in 2017;

    a) I’m not leaving Butler on the bench. If that means 3 WR and not 2 TE, and handoffs out of that formation, so be it. Or he starts in the 2/2/1 base. Hit him deep once and the defense changes.

    b) I’m not losing games because of Heath and Brown. Start Woods at FS and move Jones to CB. It’s drastic but it has a lot of upside potential, relative to what is happening right now in the secondary. At SS it’s Frazier, or poach somebody from a practice squad.

    c) I’m dressing Gathers and getting him some game reps, then pretty soon some targets. Like Butler, it’s a mismatch against defenders which the Cowboys need right now.

    d) Chaz Green looks like an interior OL player only. Again, poach somebody from a practice squad and give the guy a chance if Smith remains out at LT

    • Brian Martin

      There’s a lot of information here to digest LOL. I personally believe the Cowboys need to scheme ways for Beasley to get more involved. It helps both Prescott and the running game, while also opening things up on the outside for Bryant.

      I’m also keeping Byron Jones at FS, but playing Woods opposite him. Woods continues to play really well and deserves more playing time. Awuzie should be back this week and I would rotate him with Brown.

      I don’t think we are going to see Gathers this season. Yes, he may be a mismatch, but unless there’s an injury at the TE position I don’t see them activating him.

      I’m hoping that Chaz Green just had a really bad game last week. He has filled in for Tyron Smith before and done just fine. And, he has better at tackle then OG.

      • Russ_Te

        I presume there is not a good OT prospect on a practice squad right now, or that signing would have happened. If Tyron Smith or Collins can’t go, there needs to be better depth options IMO.

        Of course it will be academic at 5-5. At 6-4 it will be time for the team to address it.

        Skeptical of Woods at SS, or to flip Jones to it, but will stand corrected. Clearly it’s time for Woods to start somehow. If that is the move made, then we have to hope Awuzie is finally able to give something. I haven’t given up on Anthony Brown but he may not be a starting CB. Had a good rookie year for a 6th rounder, but he may be a nickle and depth CB in the NFL. Woods as a 6th rounder, was more clearly a steal IMO.

        Moreover Garrett – after looking good going from 2-3 to 5-3 – now looks like the guy who won’t make any adjustments. That doesn’t portend well for another win streak right now – again will be happy to stand corrected if he does.

  • John Williams

    Totally agree Brian. Getting Beasley involved while Ezekiel Elliott is out is going to be paramount to Dallas’ success the rest of this season.

    If they struggle to get the running game going, which they probably will this week, it needs to be Beasley in some quick option routes or bubble screens. Gotta start picking up the 5 or 6 yards in the passing game on a regular basis. Especially if Tyron Smith’s injury lingers.

    • Brian Martin

      It doesn’t necessarily have to be Beasley, but he is their best short to intermediate option in the passing game. They just need to find ways to create better down and distance situations. Unfortunately, the Cowboys coaching staff hasn’t really shown this season they are capable of making those kind of adjustments. Hopefully though that changes.

Dallas Cowboys

Noah Brown Takes to Twitter to Call Out ESPN

John Williams



A Fully Focused Ezekiel Elliott can Carry the Cowboys into 2018 Playoffs 2
Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN has long been considered "The Worldwide Leader in Sports," and for a long time that title was justified. If you wanted your national sports news, where did you turn to but the cable sports channel to watch that day's episode of SportsCenter. But over the last few years, it's become more and more clear that it's "The Worldwide Leader" in name only.

The ratings are dropping and the network has had to make a lot of business decisions as it relates to much of their on-air talent over the last several years. With their latest under 25 starting 22 -- ahem, troll job -- they seem to have finally come to terms that they are basically First Take. 

Noah Brown put it best in his reaction to the ESPN "Insider" voting that led to Saquon Barkley being named to the starting 22 ahead of Ezekiel Elliott. Brown, Elliott's teammate when both were at Ohio State University, came to his defense upon seeing the list.

And here is the ESPN list:

SportsCenter on Twitter

43 of our NFL Insiders voted. Here's their best starting roster under the age of 25.

I'm sure there could be debates about different positions on the squad. Personally, quarterback is one where an argument could be made for Carson Wentz or Dak Prescott over DeShaun Watson, but that's for another time.

But to have a rookie, who has never played a down in the NFL ahead of the NFL's league leader in rushing for 2016, Ezekiel Elliott, is laughable.


Shameful even.

The fact that they had 43, again I use the quotations, "Insiders" vote on this and Ezekiel Elliott wasn't listed as one of the two running backs just shows you how far they've come as a network.

Let's remember that Ezekiel Elliott has averaged a touchdown a game -- receiving and rushing -- in his 25-game career. No running back has more rushing yards than Elliott does over the last two years, including 2017 league rushing leader, Todd Gurley. No running back has more rushing touchdowns than Elliott's 22 rushing TDs.

Ezekiel Elliott's yards per carry is a healthy 4.63. Todd Gurley sits at 3.93. No player with more than 1,800 rushing yards over the last two years has a better yards per attempt than Ezekiel Elliott.

I get that you'd vote Todd Gurley in there, but to not have Ezekiel Elliott, arguably the game's best running back on your Under 25 starting 22 just makes you look like Skip Bayless or Stephen A. Smith. Not a sports journalism entity worthy of people throwing money at for "Insider" access.

I won't say that I never or will never watch ESPN, because where else am I gonna go for Monday Night Football, Todd Archer, or the NCAA Men's Lacrosse Championships? When I'm at my father-in-law's, I'll watch SportsCenter first thing in the morning, because it will be on and you don't change another man's television.

"The Worldwide Leader," however, loses credibility when they promote a list like this that has such a glaring omission.

Perhaps, maybe the goal wasn't to put out an accurate list. Maybe the goal was to get us talking about their list, just like when NFL Network releases their Top 100 players list. Like they say, there's no such thing as bad publicity.

This troll job from ESPN has certainly gotten them some publicity, or should I say, notoriety.

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Player News

Cowboys DE Randy Gregory Reinstated, Will Join Team for Training Camp

Sean Martin



Will the Dallas Cowboys "Get Lucky" at Defensive End?

The Dallas Cowboys patience with Defensive End Randy Gregory has paid off. Suspended for the better part of 2016 and all of 2017, Gregory has officially been reinstated to join the team for their 2018 training camp. The projected starter at RDE, Gregory will report to Oxnard with the rest of the team on July 25th.

From here, it will be all hard work for Gregory to reconnect with Defensive Coordinator Rod Marinelli and get his promising career back on track. The last time Gregory suited up for the Cowboys, he managed to sack Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Carson Wentz in a week 17 win. The Cowboys will be expecting much more of this from a player they've supported through multiple violations of the league's heavily criticized substance abuse policy.

Ian Rapoport on Twitter

Cowboys pass-rusher Randy Gregory's petition for reinstatement was not opposed, according to lawyer Daniel Moskowitz. He's back. "I've never been more proud of any individual in my life. I'm very excited for Randy and his daughter and the rest of the his family.

Among this support staff for Gregory were a number of teammates that wrote formal letters to the NFL as part of his bid for reinstatement. These last few days of preparation before the Cowboys are together again as a team will surely be uplifted by Gregory's presence.

They say no news is typically good news at this point in the offseason, something the Cowboys have come to realize far too often. Today's news shouldn't be confused with a pleasant surprise however, rather something the Cowboys were committed to in getting another premier pass rusher on the field.

Here is the NFL's official press release on their reinstatement of Randy Gregory:

Sean Martin ✭ on Twitter

Sean Martin ✭ on Twitter

Tell us what you think about "Cowboys DE Randy Gregory Reinstated, Will Join Team for Training Camp" in the comments below. You can also email me at, or Tweet to me at @SeanMartinNFL!

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Dallas Cowboys

Cowboys, Elliott Should Keep Close Tabs on Le’Veon Bell’s Situation

Mauricio Rodriguez



Cowboys, Elliott Should Be Keeping Close Tabs on Le'Veon's Situation
AP Photo / Don Wright

The deadline for reaching an agreement with franchise tagged players came to an end last Monday, in what turned out to be a pretty uneventful day all around the league. No agreement was reached by any of the teams with their respective players, including the Dallas Cowboys and their promising "War Daddy," DeMarcus Lawrence.

But the Cowboys' front office have something to learn in this process that doesn't involve a player of their own. Something that both the front office and Ezekiel Elliott should be keeping a close eye on.

The Pittsburgh Steelers also failed to secure their franchise tagged player: Running Back Le'Veon Bell. Really, no one expected a deal to be reached among the two parties. The 26-year old football super star is asking for too much money, which has led to the Steelers tagging him twice in consecutive years.

Bell, conscious of his abilities on the field, is asking for a lot of money from his football team. In 2018, he's set to earn over $14.5M under the tag. That's more than twice the money that Devonta Freeman averages per year - 8.25 million - who's next on the list of highest paid running backs in the league and the highest paid on a long-term contract.

Adam Schefter on Twitter

Just to clarify: Steelers' offer to Le'Veon Bell last year averaged $13.3 million per year. Steelers' offer to him this year averaged $15 million per year. But Bell does not believe he should be paid as a RB; he believes he should be paid as an elite offensive weapon.

Le'Veon, whose agent has said 2018 will likely be his last season playing as a Steeler, was reportedly offered $15M per year but that wasn't enough for him. Bell wants to get paid as an elite offensive weapon, which he is. But it turns out he's also... a running back.

It's a complicated situation and one that, if it turns out well for him in free agency next year, could revolutionize the entire running back market in the NFL. If it doesn't, he might end up regretting passing on the Steelers' offer for he won't easily find that kind of money with a team that seems to be a Super Bowl contender on a yearly basis.

The Dallas Cowboys' priorities will rely on other players during the next couple of years, but that shouldn't keep them from keeping close tabs on these events since they could be dealing with a similar scenario when Ezekiel Elliott's turn for a new deal comes around.

Jerry Jones, Ezekiel Elliott

Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones, RB Ezekiel Elliott (Joe Robbins / Getty Images)

Fairly assuming that the fifth year option on Zeke's contract will be picked up after the 2018 season, locking him up through 2020, it's a problem that will be down the road for the Cowboys. But it will have to be dealt with at some point.

When his time is up, Elliott should undoubtedly be looking to become the highest-paid in the game, but the amount of money he gets will depend on the outcome of this whole Le'Veon-Steelers thing. David Johnson and Todd Gurley will also play an important role in determining the future of the running back market.

While Elliott hasn't been used as a receiving threat during his first two seasons in the league, he's still an elite offensive weapon for the Cowboys. The team's offense is based around Zeke and the running game, so it will make sense if his demands are somewhat similar from those by Bell.

Elliott might even be franchise tagged once or twice by the Cowboys if things get complicated in the future. Unlike DeMarco Murray in 2014, surely they won't be willing to let him walk in free agency once his contract comes to an end.

For now, it won't be just the Cowboys who will be keeping close tabs on this situation, but also Ezekiel Elliott and his agent. Hopefully, both parties will manage to handle things better than what we're seeing right now in Pittsburgh.

Tell me what you think about "Cowboys, Elliott Should Keep Close Tabs on Le’Veon Bell’s Situation" in the comments below, or tweet me @PepoR99 and let’s talk football! If you like football and are looking for a Dallas Cowboys show in Spanish, don’t miss my weekly Facebook Live! show, Primero Cowboys!

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