Cowboys Offense Needs A Spark, Is Ryan Switzer The Answer?

    It was expected that the was going to be the backbone of the team in 2017, but unfortunately they have run a little hot and cold this season. There's just no spark like there was a season ago, which is strange considering the offense hasn't changed much. Someone needs to step up and provide that spark, and I think that player might just be .

    The Dallas Cowboys drafted Ryan Switzer in the fourth round of the because he was such a dynamic weapon during his time at North Carolina. Unfortunately, we have only flashes of the weapon Switzer could be in Dallas. But despite that, I personally believe it's time to work him into the offense more.

    To date, we have only really seen Ryan Switzer returning punts and kickoffs this season. He hasn't been spectacular or anything in that role, but he has shown glimpses of how dangerous he can be with the ball in his hands. It's that ability that can add a spark to the struggling Cowboys offense, especially now with out.

    Ryan SwitzerUnfortunately, we were led to believe that the Dallas Cowboys receiving core was the most talented the team has had in quite some time. You wouldn't know it by the way they have performed this season. doesn't quite look like the player we are used to, teams are completely bracketing to take him out of the game, and both and simply can't be trusted. No one is living up to expectations.

    Now, it may surprise you, but I'm going to suggest the Dallas Cowboys finally use Ryan Switzer as a . Okay, I know it doesn't surprise you. It's something have been hankering for since the season got underway.

    Nearly all of believed Ryan Switzer was drafted to complement Cole Beasley and that we would see a lot more of the spread offense from the Cowboys. But, I don't think that has happened once so far, which is surprising considering how the receiving core has been performing.

    Ryan Switzer
    (AP Photo/Michael Ainsworth)

    I'm going to go out on a limb here and predict Ryan Switzer finally has an expanded role on offense this week against the . I know the Cowboys aren't very good at making adjustments, but with the way the offense has struggled, something needs to happen.

    has been running for his life the past couple of weeks because of breakdowns in pass protection, which is why he hasn't been able to find his weapons in the . Switzer can help combat against teams bracketing Beasley in coverage and hopefully help Prescott get rid of the ball quickly.

    It just makes too much sense to get Ryan Switzer more involved offensively. But, that's probably why it won't happen. The Dallas Cowboys seems to like to do things the difficult way, but this is one instance where I hope I'm wrong.

    Is Ryan Switzer the spark the Cowboys offense is missing?

    Brian Martin
    Brian Martin
    Level C2/C3 quadriplegic. College graduate with a bachelors degree in sports and health sciences-concentration sports management. Sports enthusiast. Dallas Cowboys fanatic. Lover of life with a glass half-full point of view.


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    he and noah brown need to be used. i understand we paid TW and the thought is he needs to earn his money but he is not.

    i cannot understand why this coaching staff refuses to add other WR’s/skill players to the mix. i think philly played 3 rb’s and 6 wr’s against us and they all made plays, not us, zero passes to dez, 5 yd outs to TW and half the time he doesn’t realize the ball is coming.

    as much as i want JG to succeed i do think he may be on his last stand here if he doesn’t adjust and show that he can coach this team.

    Brian Martin

    I would love to see Switzer and Noah Brown more involved. I doubt that’s going to happen though. The Cowboys coaching staff have shown they are reluctant to make adjustments/changes.

    Tommy Davis

    I’ve said all along that Rico Gathers is an unstoppable force, the Cowboys made a huge mistake in not activating him. Just throw the ball up high all the way down the field, the kid can’t be covered, his size, reach and athleticism is an opposing teams nightmare. He would make up for the loss of Elliot. Quick dropbacks and short throw to Gathers would negate the opposing teams pass rush.

    Brian Martin

    Gathers might be a matchup nightmare for opposing defenses, but I don’t think the Cowboys coaching staff trust him yet. He needs to be able to know his assignments in order to get on the field. I think that’s his biggest hurdle to overcome first.

    Jorge Gonzalez

    I’m a fan of the cowboys but I do not agree with the way that GH guides this team, I hope I’m wrong but I feel that we do not qualify as a wildcard. There are better records and teams that come up, it would be good to start playing with Rico Gathers , Switzer and Noah Brown, definitely set Dez and Williams in addition to our beloved Jason Witten, we must begin to understand that it is time for a change in positions of Receiver and tight end.

    Brian Martin

    Until the Dallas Cowboys are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs I think we will continue to see the starters. If they are finally eliminated, that’s when we will likely see some of the younger players receive an expanded role.

    Jorge Gonzalez

    with the result of yesterday I think it is time to think about giving opportunity to the youth or your opinion of the words of JJ giving even more security to JG and all his HC even after the shameful defeat with the shippers, I believe that since there we are already wrong when you assure the position to someone who already lost the team and you see it in the attitude of the players both in defense and offense.


    Refer to my comment earlier in the week on another post about the Wrs being average. Now can Switzer help who knows but at least put him in. Cause nothing else consistent is working

    Brian Martin

    The Cowboys WRs have looked average this season. I don’t know if they are simply not playing up to their potential or if it’s the offensive scheme. But, something needs to change.

    Mark Montgomery

    Cobble the dead money together lost Carroll, Paea, etc. And now we see where the root of these problems lie. No one could have predicted the retirement of Free but I O’Leary should have been resigned. Also, to continue to enter each season without a Lee Plan B (he is now 31 and has always missed time due to injury) is inexcusable. Theses decisions rest with the GM who by now should have fired himself. Free Will McClay…Rico Gaither’s…Ryan Switzer.

    Emilio Gonzalez

    Definitely they need to b more involved Brown n Switzer I would not agree more with the comments already made,Rico Gathers deserves a chance sooner than later plus Jason Garrett is not doing a good job,Dak is being exposed too.Thanks

    Emilio Gonzalez

    Is Dak a game manager without Zeke I’m sure you heard that by now a couple of times. Thanks

    Brian Martin

    I’m not ready to admit that just yet. He’s had to run for his life without Tyron Smith in the lineup. That’s probably impacted him more negatively than Elliott being out.

    Emilio Gonzalez

    Is more like JG needs to learn his assignments too and take a page Bill Belicheck.

    Brian Martin

    I think Garrett is more of an administrative coach who oversees his coaching staff. I don’t think he’s responsible for solely coming up with the game plan and leaves it up to his coordinators for the most part. I could be wrong though.

    Emilio Gonzalez

    JG take a page from Bill Bilichick assignments will all due respect but you need to.Thanks


    We will know later today if there is any thinking from Garrett to change up in the passing game. I think everyone else can see the need for it.

    Switzer might give a spark because if defenses are now rotating down on Beasley, they’d have to question doing that to someone unproven. So it might be like going back in time to when Beasley could run underneath coverages and be an easy hit for Dak. Not that Switzer is better, but Dak can use an open man right now.

    I think it’s lethargic enough, and negative enough for Dak, that the whole passing game chess board should be in play. I’ll roll the dice on a missed block if it means Gathers running open or un-guardable in the route tree. And it’s time to let Butler stretch coverages and see if that helps Dez work at short & medium depth.

    I know I’m not getting all of that for Thanksgiving, but give me some kind of change dammit… ;^)

    Brian Martin

    I really think Switzer can make a difference. He would allow Prescott to get rid of the ball quickly and he’s probably better than Beasley after the catch. And I would honestly like to see more of Noah Brown instead of Butler. He is a big bodied WR and a reliable hands catcher. Linehan just doesn’t like to stretch the field much, which is probably why we don’t see more of Butler.