While the Kraken is away the Vampires will play. The will attack the as if they are a hoard of vampires looking to quench their blood thirst.

Well, that may be a bit overdramatic.

But, the very reason why the Defensive Line is the last group I decided to evaluate was due the quality of depth at the position. While is still set to serve a four game , the quality on the line is still tremendous. Here is who I have making this unit:

Coleman played extremely well throughout the , while Terrell McClain has the favor of this Staff. I believe we will see anywhere from nine or ten make the final 53. Which brings the final slots down to; Lavar Edwards. has already been released.

There really is not a wrong answer as all have been productive after slow starts. Which is an understatement for fifth round selection Ryan Russell, as he was not fairing well early on. He has worked himself on my roster as his position flex will be an asset.

Of note has also played well, but he is simply a one technique, which does not work well for him as Hayden, McClain, and Coleman can all play at the one. If Bishop is indeed cut, I do not see any way he will not get claimed. Which could lead to the Cowboys looking to him. The same could be said for Edwards if he doesn't make the final 53. will definitely have the rotation that he was looking for this season.

A case could be made for each of these players making the team, but having ten on the Defensive Line is already going long. Unfortunately, a quality player will have to be let go. Tomorrow I will my final 53 base squarely off players currently with the team.