Cowboys – Raiders “Brawl” at Training Camp


Apparently, that “competitive spirit” we've been reading about between WRs and during spilled over into the Cowboys – Raiders practices on Tuesday. And it was indeed involved again (though the writer at names him as Maurice Claiborne…WTF?).

Anyway, here's Vic Tafur's briefest recap of the afternoon, and a vine to boot.

After one false alarm – in which Raiders  Austin Howard got in a couple of uppercuts – there were two all-out brawls at the joint practice of the Raiders and Cowboys. As in, two rosters of players sprinting across the field and diving headfirst into the scrum. – Vic Tafur,

“That passion, that's what we hoped we would be getting out of putting these teams together,” Jones said.

“I am just glad no one took their off,” the Raiders' Mark Davis said. – Vic Tafur,

Though team owner Jerry “Life of the Party” Jones kept that smile smeared across his face, perhaps the passion is getting in the way of that thing they do; football I believe it's still called. Can we get back to some of that for a while, Jerry?

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