Cowboys season opener against the 49ers, players to watch

Let’s go with the obvious for the first player, Tony Romo. Romo has been brought back at a slower pace than  the media or fans wanted, so all eyes will be on him after every hit he takes today. And if the niners know what’s good for them, they better hope they can get to Romo a lot. The 49ers have a struggling secondary and with the weapons Tony has, it could be a long day for the their secondary.

Doug Free – The last time Doug Free played – in the preseason – he struggled against Miami Dolphins DE Cameron Wake. Wake beat Free with strength and speed, and going against the 49ers Ahmad Brooks, that is the exactly what Free will be going against again. If Free starts to have trouble, look for Witten or Escobar to stay in and help on pass protection.

The entire front four on the cowboys defensive line – I think a lot of people are going away from the idea that they will be horrible. I think more people really don’t know what to think. Henry Melton and Terrell McClain are both seeing their first action of the year after being hurt during the preseason. Rod Marinelli likes to send players in waves and he’ll have more personnel to do that with than any point up until now.

Bruce Carter – Consistency still seems to be the issue for Bruce. He moves over to play the strong side linebacker position so it will be interesting to see how he does. I do expect to see Carter rushing the QB a lot more than in previous seasons, and I think that’s a smart move because Carter has the athleticism and speed to get around the corner and get to the QB.

Rolando McClain – Many didn’t feel he was going to last even a week or two when he was first signed. Like Romo, McClain was brought along slowly to get back into the feel of the game mentally and physically after being out of football for over a year. But McClain has come in and put in the work and done everything the coaches have asked him to do. I don’t look for McClain to come out and set the world on fire, but I do look for him to have an impact in this game.

Morris Claiborne – Now is the time for Mo to show up. Fans, media, players and coaches are all starting to wonder what they can expect from him. Like Sean Lee, Mo has had a tough time staying healthy and that’s hampered the growth everyone was hoping for. This is Mo’s chance to shine and I believe he will get at least one pick against the niners.

There are my players to keep an eye on, let me know who you will be watching as well. As always, follow me on twitter and GO COWBOYS!


What do you think?

Brian Leatherman

Written by Brian Leatherman

Brian has been a football junkie from the time he was 5 years old. He lives, eats and breathes the game. Brian is a college graduate living in the south who loves his faith, his family, and his Dallas Cowboys.


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