Cowboys Show Signs of Life, But Will it Last? ✭
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Cowboys Show Signs of Life, But Will it Last?

Dallas Cowboys

Cowboys Show Signs of Life, But Will it Last?

Are the Cowboys finally making the turn from NFL’s most dysfunctional into an actual competitive football team? Do things really turn that quickly in the NFL? Does this team actually have a heart and a desire to be the best? It certainly looks that way after what was undoubtedly the best game this team has played since the 20 to 8 victory against the Giants last December.

These are tough questions that frankly we just cannot answer right now. I want so badly like most of you to believe the answer to all of those questions are an emphatic YES, but I just cannot help from having those thoughts of “they will revert back to what they have been this week” and it’s those thoughts that I want erased from my head.

We all want to believe in this team. We all want to believe in Romo. What we all want are the feelings we had in the 90’s (you know the ones). Are we being unfair? This is where things get touchy.

Thanks to Troy Aikman last week during the telecast, he said something that I know I have heard before, but it just had never clicked before. Troy said “This Dallas team has had a lot of high expectations placed upon it without reason.”

Since before Troy departed as the Quarterback of the Cowboys this team has had 1 good season. All of the rest have been average at best, yet every year we say things like “this is our year”. Why have we done that? And I am as guilty as anybody for doing it.

I know your all wondering “where in the hell is this guy going with all of this?” and well where I am going is here. This football team has been rebuilt at least 3 times since Aikman’s departure. New coaches, new players, and so on and so on and during all of that never not one time has anyone said “give them time”.

Now I know you may think I have lost my mind (and while that may be true) but I really feel like some of our displeasure with where this team is or has been, is of our own doing. Notice I did not say all (Jerry receives the credit for most of it) but some.

Is it possible that this team is beginning to make the turn? Sure it is, I think we are seeing the leading edge of this team making the turn. We all got to see some wonderful signs last week that things may be changing.

My son Miller, who is 5 is beginning to really enjoy football and asking questions about it, and even watching some of the games with me. For the first time last week I was actually able to say this “son did you see how he made that tackle” and be showing him a tackle made by a Cowboy player (thanks Mike Jenkins).

The guys on this team are actually becoming a TEAM they are owning up to there mistakes and working to correct them. Many of us have taken shots at Roy Williams for his lack of production, but people, he was the first man to say he sucked, does that not count for something?

Did you all happen to see Romo’s post game conference? Well if you did not Here it is and it is a must see.

Folks he is getting it, he is understanding what he can do and what he cannot do, and better yet how to determine when he can take a chance. He is a gun slinger that is what we love about him, we cannot ask him to turn that portion of him off. What we need is for him to know when to turn it up and when to turn it down.

I am not ready to anoint this team here to stay, but I sure do like what I am seeing.

  • Joe

    All I know is this team has been getting better and better since Week 1, and last week was the first time both the O and D were on top of their game. If they can bring that to the remaining games this year, were all gonna be happy. The Seahawks and Eagles game will show us what we need to know, they either come out swinging or sink back into that hole that we know so well.

    Romo is going for his 3rd game with no INT, a career best, Sunday. Proof that he is maturing and getting better with his decision making. Our D is gonna go nuts against the Seagulls O Line.

    I can’t wait.

  • Jonathan

    Perhaps I’m asking for a little bit much, but to win back my confidence, they will have to improve to 6 and 2 over the next two weeks. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a diehard, but I am also a realist and there are some teams out there playing really, really good football right now; the Saints likely topping that list and we face them in December.

  • Bryan Martin

    Phillip, First off man, I want to comment on how awesome it is to spend that moment with you son man. I wish you all many years of dallas cowboys games.

    Second, Roy williams hasn’t been statistically relevant, but he has played will in the running game by throwing some awesome blocks. This team will truly display it’s team concept without Jay Ratliff. If they can pick up his slack, it’ll speak volumes about how far they have progressed.

  • Boggy

    Jerry Jones is the biggest idiot who was ever involved with sports of any kind. This team is going nowhere… as always.

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