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Cowboys Slotted 3rd In NFC East, 18th In NFL In Latest Power Rankings

It's finally August.

Training camps are underway, the is getting started, and regular-season football is right around the corner. But, it is still early August, which means many sports media outlets are reaching for topics to talk about in an effort to fill air time.

To fill those slots we often get  of some sort. Whether it be quarterbacks, receivers, defenses, or total teams, August is full of these expert-made hierarchies. .com recently released their version of “preseason ,” and our did not fare too well.

Originally ranked 16th, the Dallas Cowboys fell two slots to 18th overall in this recent edition of writer Elliot Harrison's power rankings. No matter how you feel about the Cowboys talent level this year, dropping them two slots before any games were even played seems very strange.

The reasoning behind the drop makes even less sense. Harrison's argument seems to be centered around the backup situation, but the situation isn't much worse off than it was when the teams were first ranked, so such a drop is perplexing.

“The only thing more perplexing than all the in Dallas is the strategy. Maybe the Cowboys are sneaky sly, like the kid playing “Clue” who names a person, weapon, and room that he already has in his hand to throw everyone else off. Or maybe the Cowboys are throwing themselves off. There won't be any Matt Hasselbeck's out there to save the season in October if  goes down. Well, unless they lure the real Hasselbeck off the set. The lack of still trumps all.” -Elliot Harrison

While I don't believe a drop was in order, it is hard to argue against Harrison's overall point. If Tony Romo goes down for any serious length of time, this team's season is probably over. Even if Romo remains healthy for a full 16 games, the lack of pass rush could be the undoing of an otherwise “win-now” ready roster. All of this is fact, though I would add that if just about any team's starting quarterback is out for the majority of the season, they too would have their season flushed down the toilet.

The Cowboys were the third-ranked team in the East, behind the  at 12 and the at 16. The were ranked last in the division at 26th overall.

Of course, these rankings don't mean much of anything, as every single game is still yet to be played. They are interesting to look at, however, to see what an outsider of sorts thinks about our favorite team.

Hopefully, the Cowboys can prove Elliot Harrison and all the naysayers wrong this coming season.

To read the entire article as well as the full power rankings, follow the link above.

Kevin Brady
Kevin Brady
Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and have been with ITS since 2016.

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