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Cowboys Start Slow, But NFC is Still Wide Open

The have opened the 2-2, a disappointment no matter how you slice it. For a team that only truly lost two regular season games all of last season ( doesn't count), to have lost two already has left some fans staggered. As you might guess, the overreaction has been strong.

If you're one of these frustrated fans, a quick look around the should help you to calm down. The Cowboys are only one game back of the top teams in the conference, and really nobody in the NFC has stood out as a dominant performer.

Here's a quick look at the NFC standings:

  1. (3-1)
  2. (3-1)
  3. (3-1)
  4. (3-1)
  5. (3-1)
  6. (3-1)
  7. (2-2)
  8. Dallas Cowboys (2-2)
  9. (2-2)
  10. (2-2)
  11. (2-2)
  12. (2-2)
  13. Washington (2-2)
  14. (1-3)
  15. (0-4)
  16. (0-4) 

There's only one 4-0 team in the NFL right now, and they play in the AFC.  That means Dallas is only one game back of the conference leaders and still very much in any and every conversation you want to have about playoff and championship contenders.

Not only are none of the NFC teams undefeated, but none have really stood out yet as significantly superior than the rest. Unlike the , who've not only won all of their games but looked fairly dominant in the process, the NFC's upper crust don't look much better than the 2-2 teams chasing them.

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Also, let's not forget what the Cowboys have been dealing with to start this season. The uncertainty of 's has hung over every game. Plus, the Cowboys have been adjusting to new players at two spots.

On , has been suspended for weeks. Starting linebacker has been injured, and then missed last week's game against the Rams. Cornerbacks and have been out since early in Week 2.

The Cowboys have clearly not been firing on all cylinders yet in 2017, but they also haven't been at full strength. As is becoming the norm in the modern NFL, the first few weeks of the season feel more like the final steps of preparation. Teams are still gelling, especially if guys missed time in or late August have forced new starters into the mix.

This week is clearly a big game as the Cowboys look to get back on track. They get one of those 3-1 NFC teams, the Packers, and a major opportunity to restore order. They can get back above .500, pick up a conference win, and hang a loss on one of their biggest threats in the NFC all in one week. It would also allow Dallas to go into their Week 6 bye with some positive feelings.

As the standings show, it's hardly a “must-win” game. However, it's one that will have a significant impact on how the Cowboys are perceived for the next two weeks. It's a home game against a fellow NFC contender; you have to win these if you want to be taken seriously.

Jess Haynie
Jess Haynie
Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!

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