Cowboys @ Steelers Fantasy Football Preview With Andy Alberth

This week we’re joined by Andy Alberth, co-founder of the National Fantasy Football Convention (NFFC), to get his fantasy football perspective on the week 10 matchup between your Dallas Cowboys and the Pittsburgh Steelers. You can follow Andy on twitter @AndyAlberth and the National Fantasy Football Convention @GoNFFC.

Also, you can go to their website for more information: And be sure to follow me on Twitter @John9Williams for all of your weekly fantasy football sit/start conundrums.

Cowboys Headlines - Cowboys @ Steelers Fantasy Football Preview with Andy Alberth
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Andy, thanks for taking the time to join us here at As someone who enjoys the game of Fantasy Football, I, like many others, have been excited about your work with the NFFC.

Q: Curious to hear your thoughts on this week’s Dallas Cowboys game. In the preseason, Antonio Brown was the consensus #1 overall draft choice, if we were redrafting right now, who would you choose between Brown, Le’Veon Bell, and Ezekiel Elliott?

Andy Alberth (@GoNFFC): People love playing the what if game in fantasy football. Ha Ha. If I were to redo the draft I would go David Johnson, Ezekiel Elliott, Antonio Brown, then Le’Veon Bell.

Really can’t go wrong with either three though.

I agree. You can’t really go wrong. Each guy has played really well the first 8 weeks of the season. I wasn’t really a believer in David Johnson, but boy was I wrong about that. For me it would come down to Ezekiel Elliott and the running back they face on Sunday (Le’Veon Bell), because I feel they are better pure runners than Johnson.
Cowboys Headlines - Cowboys @ Steelers Fantasy Football Preview with Andy Alberth 1Q: At the quarterback position, Ben Roethlisberger is as tough as they come when playing through an injury, but he seems to get hurt a lot. What do you think we are to expect this week against Dallas?

Andy (@GoNFFC): I would expect the same ole Big Ben. He struggled a little bit last week which most QBs tend to do after coming back from injury. It takes a game or two to knock off the rust. I expect him to bounce back in a excited game this Sunday

It’s hard to underestimate a guy like Ben Roethlisberger, but that injury certainly gives me concerns. He’s always been a very difficult player to take down in the pass rush, and Dallas will have their work cut out.

Q: The Pittsburgh Steelers have arguably the best wide receiver in the NFL in Antonio Brown. As he goes, so goes the offense. Aside from Antonio Brown, which Pittsburgh pass catcher would you be most interested in owning?

Andy (@GoNFFC): I was a very big fan of Martavis Bryant before the suspension. Sammie Coates is a guy I’ve kept an eye on, along with Eli Rodgers.

Sammie Coates is someone that may step into that #2 wide receiver role in 2017 and be a decent fantasy play every week.

Cowboys Headlines - 10 Takeaways From The Cowboys Big Win In Cleveland 1Coates got a lot of buzz in the preseason but has been very up and down throughout the year, mostly because of a hand injury. Rogers seems to have carved out a nice role as a slot receiver. It’ll be interesting to see how things play out in Pittsburgh for 2017 with Bryant back from suspension, Markus Wheaton and Sammie Coates fully healthy, and now Rogers in the slot. That’s a pretty deep and dynamic wide receiver group.

Q: Turning our attention to the Dallas Cowboys, It seems like Dak Prescott has been doing a great job at spreading the ball around, but that makes for some inconsistency in fantasy football circles. Which Dallas WR that would you most like to own and why?

Andy (@GoNFFC): For me, it’s probably Cole Beasley, especially in PPR (points per reception leagues). He seems to have taken a huge step forward this year.

Beasley may not get you a touchdown every game, but he is as consistent a slot wide receiver as there is in the NFL.

Cowboys Headlines - Cowboys @ Steelers Fantasy Football Preview with Andy Alberth 3Cole Beasley certainly has been bringing the sauce this year. He’s currently on pace to double his career-high season from 2015. To me, he keeps getting better and better and is the true #2 receiver on this team, whoever is throwing him the football. 

Q: Everyone in the world seems to have an opinion on the Dak Prescott vs Tony Romo debate. Would you care to share your take on the quarterback conundrum that faces the Cowboys?

Andy (@GoNFFC): I like them both. Both are great guys. Nowadays it’s difficult to get a great QB in the NFL, and we happen to have two of them. If I’m the coach though, I have to roll with Romo for the stretch run. 

I agree, Andy. As someone who began really following and rooting for the Dallas Cowboys in the years following Troy Aikman’s retirement, I remember what it was like just to find one quarterback who was competent enough to lead those teams to wins. We have two really good quarterbacks on this roster. I don’t feel like there is a wrong answer here. 

Q: Regarding the state of the National Fantasy Football Convention, are there any future plans in the works? I know that the NFL has made life difficult for you all, but I, for one, am hoping you can pull this off at some point. It’s always sounded like it would be an excellent event.

Andy (@GoNFFC): We love the idea, and what the NFFC can be for the fans. It’s great for the fans and players to be able to hang with each other. We plan to keep the dream alive, and have a big announce coming soon. Stay tuned. 

John: Thanks again to Andy Alberth for taking the time to join us in our Fantasy Football Q&A. Make sure you follow @GoNFFC and @AndyAlberth on Twitter to keep up with the latest news on the National Fantasy Football Conference. 

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