Cowboys Still Control Their Fate

Like most Cowboy fans I watched the game Saturday night expecting a Dallas victory. What we got however was another uninspired offensive outing, and more questions, rather than answers. This offensive unit continues to not know how to utilize the weapons they have. Why did we make the trade for Roy Williams? Why do we never run a slant? Why can Romo not understand how to manage a game? Did the Cowboys offense not practice last week?

For three quarters the Dallas offense did absolutely nothing, relying completely on the defense, and for three quarters the defense kept them in the game. The Ravens gave Dallas the middle of the field. The Ravens unlike the Jason Garrett and the Cowboys took away what their counterpart liked to do. Jason Garrett was out coached by Rex Ryan all night. Rex Ryan knew that Jason Garrett would not change his game-plan, that he would not do what good coaches do and take what the other team gives you. Jason Garrett insisted on staying with going for the big play, instead of just simply taking the short passing game!

The Ravens dared the Cowboys to shorten their passing attack, they blitzed on almost every play making it extremely difficult on Romo to wait for the double and triple move routes to open up. Yet still Garrett refused to shorten the attack! WHY! Can someone please tell me WHY? I cannot understand the thought process behind this! Is it just me that sees this? Yet we continue to send three and four receivers out on routes that take time to develop, meanwhile our QB is running for his life! or forced to throw to the check-down (which is always the tail back in the flat). What would be so wrong about having Roy Williams run a slant, T.O. running the seam, Crayton running an out, and Bennett and Witten running a hook,and an out? We went and got Roy Williams (who by the way is great across the middle) to relieve the pressure from T.O. yet all we seem to throw the guy is a screen and or a triple move down the field! and what good is the guy if we are not going to throw him the ball more than once a game! This has been a problem all year so I don’t suspect it will change the rest of the year!

I would really like for someone to answer something for me! How do you not know the snap count? Please tell me someone! How do you not know the snap count? Every week at least twice in the game the entire offensive unit forgets the snap count! How the hell does that happen? You got a PRO BOWL center leading the charge with this! So either the line is forgetting the count or Romo is! Oh Yeah and let me not forget, SOMEBODY BLOCK #52 PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He will be the one running directly to Romo without being touched, just in case you were curious!

I do not have the energy nor the want to, to speak about the defense and their lack of killer instinct, and loss of the ability to tackle. So after a complete and utterly disgusting performance against the Ravens I thought it was all over, to my surprise though the Bucs and Eagles let us back in the race, and the Cowboys still control their own fate. Win and your in! So now the question becomes which team shows up in Philly this week? The one that beat the Giants? or the one that refuses to adapt to game situations? If I knew the answer to this I would be in Vegas!

What do you think?


Written by Phillip Baggett


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