Cowboys Take Beating From Giants

Dallas Cowboys New York Giants
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On a day that the Cowboys could have made a statement to the league and to themselves, that they were fighters, and prove the critics wrong. They simply showed up and took their ass whooping! Not even so much as a whimper! There is no excuse for their performance, NONE!

This team was hoping to get a split from their last two games before the bye. Well they got it! I heard all week about how the intensity level at Valley Ranch was through the roof. Even heard rumblings that “anonymous” players being over heard in the hallways saying such things as “if your not preparing to go up there and win then you need to be left behind”, as far as I can tell that would mean that they took about 50 players too many to the Meadowlands. This coaching staff simply did not push the tempo with this team during practice. We now understand completely why Wade Phillips left his game ball (you know the one that Jerry gave him after last week’s big win) in the dirty clothes basket! I know this will not happen, but Jerry should fire every employee he has and start over!

I am a Cowboy fan and have been one my entire life, this will not change! I have seen this team many different ways, but what I see now is worse than those 5-11 teams. Those years that this team went 5-11 were acceptable 5 win teams. Do you know why? Because they just were not good enough! And that is acceptable. So now the question becomes, why is this team worse? Because they have No Heart, No Guts, and No Pride! These are the same reasons why this team is officially done! They may go on a run and get themselves into the playoffs, I doubt it but it is still possible. This team will not win a championship! When playoff time arrives and the intensity level raises the thing that gets you to the next round is none other than the things this team does not have!

People say that most of the time a team will take on the identity of its leader. I believe this to be true. For example the team that kicked our ass yesterday, the Giants has most definitely taken on the identity of their coach Tom Coughlin. Those guys are NASTY!!! When they smell blood in the water they don’t back off like another team I know (Dallas Cowboys) they go for the kill shot! Bill Parcells in his own Jackass sort of way tried to get this team to that point but it did not make it there. Wade Phillips and his “Make Love Not War” mentality has nurtured this teams belief in; all we have to do is show up. This disgusting epidemic has completely overwhelmed this team. So much so that they cannot see themselves what is happening. This team believes and will have you and I believe that the return of Romo is going to solve all our problems. Well guess what? Cough, cough BULLSHIT cough, cough. The ONLY way this team gets back is by having a mental make over!

So no more excuses, because I don’t want to hear them! This entire team is now on the hot seat! I don’t want to hear about individual performances. I could care less if DeMarcus Ware breaks the single season sack record, or Tony Romo throws for 10,000 yards this year, or T.O. passes Jerry Rice on the all-time list this year. None of this means anything. It is these players (D-Ware, Romo, and T.O.) that have to take on the challenge of giving this team a mental make over, because it is obvious that the coaching staff cannot or will not do it. I will no longer blame the Coach for this teams problems; it is entirely on the players. Why you ask? Well because this is what they wanted! They wanted a players coach (lazy coach) remember how they all talked shit about the Tuna when he left, “he treated us like children”, and how they made us believe how great tubby(wade Phillips) treated them and how they would play harder for someone who treated them with respect! Well here you go boys!!!!!!! Stop telling us what you can do and start SHOWING us what you ARE doing!

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Written by Phillip Baggett


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Dallas Cowboys New York Giants

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