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Cowboys TE Jake Ferguson has an Underrated Legacy to Live Up To

The don't take assigning players' jersey numbers lightly. For rookie , wearing the number 48 comes with special meaning as he hopes to prove as valuable to the team as Daryl “Moose” Johnston was in the 90s.

While the Cowboys have never officially retired any numbers, some have been taken out of circulation such as 's #8, 's #22, and 's #12. Nobody has worn those hallowed numbers since their famous owners.

Other numbers have been used to establish a different kind of legacy. The best example of this is number 88, handed to the likes of Antonio Bryant, , and with significance and the hope that they would live up to the greatness of and . We also saw this attempted with #94 and the hand down from to .

And then sometimes, such as has unfortunately happened with 's #28, the numbers just get tossed around without much care at all.

Back in the 90s, the #48 was worn by one of the greatest fullbacks in NFL . was the lead blocker for the league's all-time leading rusher. Moose did the dirty work to make the players around him better and push Dallas' to legendary heights.

While Jake Ferguson will be playing tight end for the 2022 Cowboys, the goal of being as valuable as Johnston to his team is a worthy one. And despite almost a 30-year gap from Moose's playing days, the significance of the number isn't lost on the rookie.

Back in May, Dallas' newest TE spoke about wearing Johnston's number and even a warning he received from his family.

“He [Ferguson's grandfather] actually texted me and was like, ‘You better not be throwing shade on 48.”

“Moose and 48… Some guys are like, ‘Oh, he's (wearing) 48.' I'm like, ‘You guys don't know who wore 48.'”

It remains to be seen if the Cowboys will carry a true on the 2022 roster. They do have some candidates in and Nick Ralston who have reasonable shots at making the team. But in the past, we have seen where Dallas has instead used their tight ends as lead blockers out of the backfield.

Jake Ferguson's actual role and place on the this year remains to be seen. We know is back on the and there are veterans and to battle for playing time.

But hopes are high for the 4th-round pick out of Wisconsin, seen as a good value with a well-balanced game to contribute to any offense. If he can immediately help in some understated ways, Ferguson will go a long way to living up to the legacy of number 48.

Jess Haynie
Jess Haynie
Cowboys fan since 1992, blogger since 2011. Bringing you the objectivity of an outside perspective with the passion of a die-hard fan. I love to talk to my readers, so please comment on any article and I'll be sure to respond!

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Interestingly enough, Ryan Nall is the exact same size (6’2″, 232lbs) as Moose was at his Combine.

Will Knox

If u been a fan that long you should know that Tony Romo wore #8 when he was our QB the other numbers you are right on but cmon it was Romo #8

Fletcher C. Brown Jr

romo wore #9.

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