Cowboys Tyrone Crawford Injury Update

Cowboys Nation all wondered why Tyrone Crawford wasn’t the same this season. The defensive tackle injured his right shoulder in the week 2 match up against the Philadelphia Eagles, the same game where Tony Romo broke his collarbone. Crawford played through the injury the rest of the reason and didn’t complain once or have one single excuse.

I personally heard rumors that his shoulder was injured from media working within the Dallas Cowboys organization, but it was never officially reported. Tyrone Crawford announced Thursday via Twitter he had surgery and it was successful.

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Tyrone Crawford only had 5 sacks and 23 total tackles in 16 games and he knows that wasn’t the best he could play, but he didn’t use one excuse. Crawford had this to say during an interview.

They had talked to me at midseason and told me the situation and I still wanted to be out there. I didn’t want to be off the field. I tried not to use it as an excuse and tried to get better and better every day. I feel like as my shoulder was feeling good, I played better. I’m going to bounce back and it’s not going to take me a long time regardless of what happens.

Exactly what you want to hear in this type of situation, we all know Crawford played hard all season, but no one knew his injury was this bad. Just look what Mike Fisher had to say:

mike fisher ✭ on Twitter

Cowboys Tyrone Crawford admits to me rotator-cuff issue so severe hes been brushing teeth w off-hand. No surgery determined yet @1053thefan

Crawford will be around for a while as he signed a big contract worth $45 million dollars through 5 years last offseason. Tyrone Crawford will be a big key to this Dallas defense next season and he knows that too. It just comes down to being fully healthy, which he is expected to be.

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Written by Corey Clark

Dallas Cowboy fan just like you, only difference is I get to write about them. I am an award winning radio broadcaster, who finished 3rd in my state. That gave me chances like: PxP Broadcaster for ESPN 3. PxP Broadcaster for ESPN Radio. I attend Indiana State University. #CowboysNation Follow me on Twitter @WZIS_CoreyClark


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