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Could The Cowboys Use Jaylon Smith As A Pass Rusher?

Since the moment the drafted out of Notre Dame with the 34th Overall Pick in the , we've all been anxious to see him get going. Jaylon has teased us with inspirational tweets, videos of him working out, when will we finally get to see ?!

Since the moment we described, the consensus has been that Jaylon Smith would indeed be a star linebacker next to in the middle of the Dallas Cowboys , but could Jaylon Smith actually be used as a pass rusher? Jaylon Smith… the ? Pro Football Hall of Famer Jerry Jones himself said that Jaylon could be an outstanding pass rusher.

Jaylon Smith Highlights

Hunting the is something that Jaylon actually has some with, as Notre Dame used him in that regard at times during practice (see above). It's no secret that the Dallas Cowboys are in big-time need of a pass rush, but is Jaylon Smith that specific answer?

It is certainly comforting that Jaylon has the abilities to rush the passer, but considering that we didn't see him at all throughout his rookie season… the immediate goal is just to get this guy playing football in general before we get fancy.

Jaylon Smith is a game-changing type of defensive talent, whether that's at linebacker, defensive end, or punting. His skillset is so impactful that he was literally drafted despite being unable to play his entire rookie season. Play him wherever he helps, and we'll all party.

While it's fun to consider Jaylon's hand in the dirt piling up sack after sack, the truth is that he'll very likely be the middle linebacker that this … and may occasionally rush the passer. Wherever Jaylon Smith is playing next, will be happy.

RJ Ochoa
RJ Ochoa
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