Cowboys vs 49ers – A Preview With 49ers Gab

Well we had such a good time with the 5 question preview last week with Ben over at the Curly R that we decided to do it again. This time we have got together with Matt over at 49ers Gab. Matt answers our questions below, and you can check out our responses here!

(1) A lot has been made over the last 2 weeks about Mike Singletary’s pants dropping incident, but what effect has this had on this team?

49ersAt first it could have totally divided the team, but after a solid outing in Arizona and then a win over the Rams, I think it personally has brought them closer. With Singletary being a former player, it should show today’s players that he means business, and I think at the end of the day it was a move that will go down as a positive.

(2) Has the league seen the last of Alex Smith? Do you see him ever playing for the 49ers again?

49ersHe’ll be in the league somewhere in 2009, but it won’t be for the Niners. What happened is the Niners were the victim of having the number one pick on a down year. Smith would have been a middle of the first-round pick in most years, but it just went that in that season he was the best prospect. He has talent, but he’ll never be a top-flight QB in the league.

(3) After so many years of being a power house in the NFL, what is the pulse of the fan base now?

49ersThey are anxious for the team to get back to form, but overall it’s been very lukewarm with the amount of losing over the past few seasons. Getting rid of Mike Nolan was a step they had to take, and hopefully they can end the year on an up note with Singletary getting them a few more wins before the year wraps up.

(4) The 49ers are a scary team right now; they essentially are playing for nothing but pride. We know that Mike will have them ready to play this Sunday. What are the key matchups for us to keep an eye on?

49ersWatch out for Shaun Hill, who showed what he’s made of vs the Rams and how he goes after the Cowboys secondary. He could have a good day if he has time to throw. Even vs the Rams the Niners put up just 3.8 yards per carry rushing, so it may be on Hill’s shoulders to carry them. Romo and the Cowboys passing game should be able to throw on the Niners, as they are allowing 234 yards per game in the air.

(5) What is your most memorable moment in past 49ers vs. Cowboys games?

49ersIt would have to be the 1994 NFC Title game in Candlestick when the Niners jumped on the Cowboys for an early lead enroute to a win and a trip to the Super Bowl vs San Diego. It was the monkey that Steve Young and Jerry Rice needed to get off their back in order to be the best, and that day they were over a Cowboys team that had haunted them for years.

What do you think?


Written by Phillip Baggett


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