Cowboys vs Giants: Defensive Review


Defending The Run

The Cowboys were able to stop the run effectively all night without the need to drop extra men down in the box. 's preachings of hustling to the ball were seen as the unit never took a play off. There were several big runs, but that is something I feel they will attempt to clean up.

Overall it was a great effort by the run . made his presence felt more than once making a great play in the backfield in the third quarter, unfortunately, it was the same play injured his ankle.

Defending The Pass

On the very first Defensive drive, JJ Wilcox did what he does best; play down on a play immediately in front of him and undress a receiver. His hit on Odell Beckham was so vicious it broke JJ's own nose and left Odell dazed. That was a statement early in the game that was needed. It was also another highlight the Giants Receiver will remember.

Overall the was kept in check by this defense, and the Giants were not able to hit the big play or really get Eli comfortable in the pocket.


Pass Rush

As I mentioned in my first #SmoothView Scouting Report, the Cowboys needed to get Eli off of his spot as he is not an effective passer on the move. The Cowboys were able to do that often. Randy Gregory and were very effective in getting pressure. was also extremely disrupting and was able to tally a sack.

Randy Gregory's is a set back as he was popping off the screen with the pressure he was getting. Flowers proved my assessment of him correct, his feet were extremely slow and was getting worked over by Gregory whenever he was in the game.


There were several that need cleaning up, none more-so than 's Personal Foul late in the game which could have cost the Cowboys if not for a great Defensive stand. Other than that, the Offsides penalties should not be that difficult to correct.

Special Teams

This is the aspect where I actually thought the Giants could turn the game in their favor, instead the Cowboys played extremely well on their coverage units. delivered two solid tackles on former Cowboy .

answered critics as I felt his Punting was very effective this game.

Stay tuned tomorrow as I will publish another #SmoothView taking a deeper look into the game.