Cowboys Vs Giants: ITS Staff Notes And Predictions

We made it! Today marks the first game of the season for both the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Giants, and in customary fashion, they’re facing off in the season opener and Cowboys’ home opener at AT&T Stadium.

Kickoff: 3:25 pm CDT
Where: Arlington, TX
Watch: FOX (TV), NFL Game Pass (Online)
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The Cowboys squeaked by in 2015’s opener against the Giants, 27-26 as the short-game took center stage. It was a tough fought game that was really no more than a toss-up between the NFC East division rivals, and today’s game looks to be similar in many ways.

Rookie QB Dak Prescott, and rookie RB Ezekiel Elliott make their regular season debuts in a game where a lot is riding on their success, more than any other.

In 2015, the loss of Tony Romo was immediately felt by Cowboys Nation, both times it happened. In 2016 so far, Dak Prescott has shown an ability to make everyone forget he’s just a rookie, but we can’t let it happen. He is a rookie, and he’s only played in the preseason thus far. He may have been thrown a particularly daunting curve ball when Romo was injured and he had to play the Seattle Seahawks’ starting defense, but that was still only one half of football.

Today, he’ll have to hold it together for four quarters, and in the NFL, 60 minutes of football is just enough time for anything to happen. Especially when playing a division rival.

As is our (new) tradition for the 2016 season, several of our writers (Staff Writers, Contributors, and myself) have offered me their predictions for the game and a the reasoning behind them, so let’s take a look at what they have to say.

Jess Haynie (Cowboys 34 – Giants 24)

I expect Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott to make grand debuts against a poor Giants defense. It will be a shootout and Dallas will have the benefit of ball control and more unpredictable weapons.

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Brian Martin (Cowboys 27 – Giants 24)

Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott may be just rookies, but they’ll be leading the charge against the Giants. I predict we’ll see a different Cowboys offense playing to the strengths of Prescott. I think it will catch the Giants defense off guard, thus resulting in the Cowboys win.

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John Williams (Cowboys 27 – Giants 23)

Dallas is going to win this game because of the line of scrimmage play on both sides of the ball. The offensive line is going to set the tone for the run game early and they will control the New York Giants’ front throughout the game, thoroughly taking control in the fourth quarter to run out the game.

The Cowboys’ defensive line will be just good enough to keep the pressure on Eli Manning and the weak Giants’ offensive line. I look for Morris Claiborne to continue his excellent 2016 with a lock-down performance on Odell Beckham Jr. and Sterling Shepard; whoever Ben McAdoo is foolish enough to put on that side of the field.

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Justin Grohowski (Cowboys 24 – Giants 30)

The Dallas Cowboys’ undefeated opening game streak against the New York Giants comes to an end. Ezekiel Elliott rushes for 120 on the ground, but Dallas falls short in a shootout.

The weak pass rush of the Cowboys is exposed, and Eli Manning has his way. Rookie Sterling Shepard steals the show, and Dallas cannot get enough stops in this one. Dak Prescott shows promise, but suffers some growing pains here, tossing two picks.

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Ian Koplowitz (Cowboys 24 – Giants 35)

Dak Prescott has looked as good as anyone could look this preseason. But he’s not Tony Romo. I don’t think the offense is going to just come out of the gate and be able to put up 35+ points on this Giants team, and I don’t know where this defense is going to come up with a pass rush that can force turnovers and 3-and-outs. I think Zeke Elliott will have a nice first outing, but in the end, this could be an unfortunate home opener without #9.

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Kevin Brady (Cowboys 24 – Giants 31)

This was a tough one for me. I really want to believe in rookie quarterback Dak Prescott and the explosive Cowboys offense. But their clear deficiencies on the defensive side of the ball and their lack of experience at the quarterback position really scare me.

The Cowboys compete, but lose a close one late when they fail to rush Eli Manning, 31-24.

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Sean Martin (Cowboys 28 – Giants 21)

The Dak Prescott hype is real! The Cowboys offensive line is good enough to win this team football games with the rookie as their starter, and I think they will ultimately be the reason Dallas gets to 1-0 against the Giants.

Ezekiel Elliott will keep Prescott ahead of the chains, and Dak will throw two touchdown passes to Dez Bryant. When called upon, the defense will make a critical stop in the fourth quarter, as the Cowboys will defeat the New York Giants once again.

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RJ Ochoa (Cowboys 24 – Giants 33)

Dak Prescott is going to put our minds at ease when it comes to the future of this team, and at its most important position; however, the Giants offense is going to be too much for one of the NFL’s weaker defenses.

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Bryson Treece (Cowboys 24 – Giants 21)

I think the Cowboys hold off the Giants and win by a field goal, if for no other reason than pure novelty. The Giants have a tremendous task ahead of them this afternoon; can anyone really say how well they’ll be able to prepare for Dak Prescott and Zeke Elliott?

The Cowboys will come out strong with the advantage of the unknown on their side.

Sure, we’ve all seen Prescott and Elliott in the preseason, but the regular season is when the full offensive scheme is brought out, with all the distraction of a healthy Dez Bryant, Jason Witten, Cole Beasley, and the Space Cowboys on the offensive line. Not to mention the change-up between Elliott and Alfred Morris.

The Giants will figure this team out and close in during the second half, but it won’t be enough. Whether it’s a 30 point game, or an 80 point game, the Giants lose by a single score.

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There you have it. #TheStar has spoken.

Who do you agree with?

Use the comments below to give your prediction, or single one of us out on Twitter through the links above.

I wish everyone a happy game day and, as always, GO COWBOYS!

What do you think?


Written by Star Staff

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