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Cowboys vs Giants: ITS Staff Predictions for #DALvsNYG

What a long and tumultuous it has been! There was the mass exodus of the during , selecting a guy in the of the draft most viewed as a LDE, at best; and all the drama with , , , , and on and on and on. have endured a lot this year. But the good news is we're finally back to football as the come to this weekend.

It will be a welcome sight to sit down in front of your TV on Sunday night to watch what is now seemingly a tradition, the opening the season at home and against division rival, the New York Giants. And it gets better because Ezekiel Elliott's case won't prevent him from playing this week!

That's right, Zeke may be suspended next week, but he's good for now. His future may change later today as the judge in Sherman, TX rules on Tuesday's TRO hearing, but for now we have Zeke.

As was tradition for ITS last season, we are again going to provide game predictions from our writers–both staff and contributors–ahead of each week's Cowboys game. It's a fun little bit that we enjoy doing, we even keep track of who gets what right. So hopefully you enjoy it as well.

As always, we encourage you to add you own predictions for the game in our comments section below the content.

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Dak and Dallas O Put the League on Notice

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Dallas and the improved come out setting the world on fire on the national stage. A message is sent to the East and the league offices that the Dallas Cowboys aren't playing around this year. While the run game is the identity of the team, the offensive will flip the script and use the pass to set up the run. Dak's first 300-yard game of the season. John Williams – @john9williams

Cowboys 34 – Giants 21

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Giant Slayers

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The Cowboys have lost three-straight meetings with the Giants, going back to October 25th, 2015. They're hungry and have home field advantage, plus a superstar with a huge chip on his shoulder. Jess Haynie – @CowboysAddicts

Cowboys 34 – Giants 27

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Dak Isn't a Rookie QB Anymore

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Yes, the Cowboys struggled with the Giants last year. This time, the reason I think the ‘Boys will take a W home is QB Dak Prescott. While many expect a sophomore slump by the 24-year old , I expect the contrary. With a year under his belt, Dak will drive this team to victory on the first of the . Leggo. Mauricio Rodriguez – @PepoR99

Cowboys 27 – Giants 24

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Starting On The Right Foot

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The Giants are good enough defensively to quiet the Cowboys for much of the night, but I still expect Dak Prescott and company to break through. Defensively the Cowboys still have question marks, but the Giants' weak run game and will hurt them Sunday night. I'll take Dallas by a field goal. Kevin Brady – @KevinBrady88

Cowboys 26 – Giants 23

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Almost, but not quite. Again.

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Higher scoring than both of last year's match-ups combined, but with a similar result. People will be up in arms on Facebook & Twitter about the , but they just need time to gel. Good news is Dak and company on offense look stellar. Christopher Waetjen – @SingForTheDay

Cowboys 27 – Giants 31

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Everybody has something to prove this time.

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The Cowboys offense comes out swinging. Zeke has a chip on his shoulder, Dak needs to prove 2016 wasn't a fluke, and Dez is finally healthy. I expect they will struggle against the Giants' defense at first, but will rally mid-game to end the streak of losses to NYG. Bryson Treece – @BrysonTreece

Cowboys 34 – Giants 20

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Whatever your feelings about how this offseason has played out in Dallas, and in spite of Christopher's lone Giants prediction above, this game is going to be both long-awaited and deeply fulfilling.

The Cowboys are back, baby! Let's go!

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