Cowboys vs. Giants

Well just as predicted the Cowboys defense made Elisha eat turf all night. They sacked him 8 times in the 20-8 win on Sunday night. It is like the defense was aerating the turf at Texas Stadium with Elisha’s butt cheeks. This was absolutely a huge win for the Cowboys, not only does it keep their playoff hopes alive but it was the last time these two teams will ever meet in Texas Stadium.

The offense looked flat for most of the game and with the help of another heroic performance by Tashard Choice they sealed the win over the defending World Champs. I am still not happy with the play calling from “Boy Wonder” Jason Garrett, I am still not jumping on that bandwagon until I see some big advances with this talented offense. The whole T.O., Witten, Romo drama seemed non existent to me, other than the fact that is still all you hear about on ESPN.

I feel like the Cowboys and the Giants almost switched positions in this game. Meaning now the Giants are in the spotlight with the whole Plaxico issue tearing their team apart, even if they say it’s not.  Now I think Giants fans have a lot to worry about. Back to back losses in the NFC East! what happened to this being the best team in football? Oh yeah, THEY CAME TO DALLAS!

What do you think?


Written by Lee Pierce


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