Cowboys Vs. Redskins: The Game Saving Play

Through three and half quarters, the Cowboys and Redskins had been in a back and forth battle. Now, with just under 7 minutes to play and a small lead, the Cowboys had a chance to put Washington away with a touchdown.

Facing a third and nine, Cowboys fans had reason to panic. Sure they had led the entire game thus far, Washington’s offensive attack had been relentless, and the Cowboys defense had no answers.

It almost seemed like a guarantee that Washington would score one more time, meaning Dallas had no other choice but to pad their lead.

So there they were. Rookie quarterback, national television, key divisional game, third down. Then, Dez Bryant made the play which saved the day.


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Facing a blitz, Dak Prescott moved to his right, creating more time for both himself and the receivers to try to make a play. Noticing that the Cowboys main play-making wide out Dez Bryant was in one on one coverage with a rookie defensive back, Dak decided he had to take that chance.

While the coverage from Kendall Fuller was solid, the catch and throw was just that great.

Dez found a way to go up and snag the ball, leading to a huge gain and key third down conversion to set up another Ezekiel Elliott touchdown run to put the game away. Dez, who had faced trash talk from the entire Washington secondary all game long, turned around and stared Fuller down after making the play, as if to say “Yeah, I am better than you.”

Patrik [No C] Walker on Twitter

That awkward moment when you toast a cornerback and they instantly fall in love and ask you to marry them. #IceUpSon

Through all the extra crap which goes into the media’s coverage of Dez Bryant one thing still reigns true; when it matters most, Dez always rises to the occasion and makes the play. That was no different on Thursday.

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