Well, they had a chance. Even though they were playing with the backups to the backups at some positions, Dallas had a chance to pull out a victory. And if there's one thing we learned from Sunday night's 26-20 loss to the Saints, it's that they will not quit.

Were the expectations still high? Somewhat. Everyone knew that it was going to be a rough stretch for the Cowboys with all the , but they're still hanging around atop the . Yes, it was a loss, but there were some bright spots. Here are the week four top performers.

Offensive Player Of The Game Brandon Weeden

He finished the game with 246 yards passing, threw for a touchdown and had no turnovers. He led the Cowboys to the game-tying score and did enough to give the Cowboys a chance to win.

Cowboys Blog - Cowboys Week Four Top Performers
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Say what you will and call me what you want. I'm no expert, but the played like hell, there was no outside of 's (who, of course is now lost for the season) 45-yard play. He did exactly what he was supposed to do for a BACKUP QB. Oh, let's not forget no Dez either.

Defensive Player Of The Game Morris Claiborne

I thought played well, and I almost went with who I thought stepped up when left the game with a concussion. However, yet again, I've got to go with Mo. He lined up against New Orleans' biggest offensive weapon, , almost all game, and Cooks ended up with 4 catches for 25 yards.

Rookie Player Of The Game David Irving

What can you say about an undrafted rookie who had been with the team less than a week? He might have only played 24 snaps and recorded 2 tackles, but he played with a purpose. He was in the backfield and if his progress continues it looks as though the Cowboys may have stolen one here.

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