Cris Collinsworth Gives Broadcasting Advice to CBS’ Tony Romo

Now CBS Sports NFL analyst Tony Romo was the ultimate competitor for the Dallas Cowboys at QB, and now he is looking to take that competitiveness into the booth as CBS’ top analyst this season – a task that will be no simple feat, and one that Romo has already shown the passion to learn and improve in accomplishing.

Former player and now well-known NBC broadcaster Cris Collinsworth knows quite a bit about commentating NFL games, stopping by the NFL Network’s “Good Morning Football” on Tuesday to offer advice through his own experiences to both Romo and recent Fox Sports hire Jay Cutler.

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Listen up, Tony. You too, Jay. Cris Collinsworth has a few pointers for your field-to-booth transition. (via @GMFB)

Collinsworth describes the struggle of having loyal fans thinking he hates their team as a national analyst, a common problem brought up by top announcers like himself, Troy Aikman, and Joe Buck.

“I’m going to try to help you watch the broadcast the best I can” – Cris Collinsworth

Cris had this to say about his role as a broadcaster. Many in Cowboys Nation are expecting Romo to be almost too good in this area, a master of the inner working of football. A problem Tony may face is simplifying his thoughts on what he sees to fans that won’t be forgiving.

Tony Romo is already going to be fighting a fascinating battle in this next stage of his career, remaining very much so in the public eye after being such a polarizing NFL figure for so long with America’s Team. Plenty of fans out there still have a misconstrued and under-appreciative view of the type of player Tony Romo was on and off the field, and they’ll be looking to pounce on anything he says either about their team or the Cowboys.

Romo has also wisely shown the willingness to listen to advice like this from industry veterans such as Collinsworth, needing to maintain a thick skin as he trades in the silver and blue for a CBS blazer that will carry with it plenty of responsibility.

With Tony Romo, for the Cowboys fans that have supported him every step of the way, this new career path will also carry a lot of added fun to NFL Sundays on national TV. The group of former players to enter the booth as broadcasters is much like a fraternity in the NFL, one that #9 is entering with advice from one of its most successful members.

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