Cutting Miles Austin Could Free Up Cap Room

Miles Austin has been an instrumental part of the Cowboys receiving core since the 2007 season. But one thing that has stalled Austin’s productivity, is his reoccurring injuries that he can not seem to get past. The biggest of his problems is the hamstring that can never seem to be fully healed. Although Austin has made some big time plays for the Cowboys over the years his inconsistency hurts his case. If the Cowboys decide to let him go in the off-season it would free up close to 5.5 million dollars that could be used to sign a younger receiver or to sign the 2014 draft picks.

Whatever the case, there will be a void in the receiving core that will have to be filled. Rookie Terrance Williams turned out to be a huge asset to the Dallas offense but he will receive more attention next year, so we will need at least one more reliable wideout to compliment Cole Beasley. There are a number of players on the Cowboy roster that could and should be let go, but the Miles Austin deal should be a “no brainer.” Too much money for not enough production.

We have seen this play out before, Miles will more than likely go somewhere else in the league and tear defenses apart, but we can’t afford to hold on to him for another year and take the risk of him missing over half of the season. The leadership in the organization should be well aware that we don‘t have to draft a receiver in the first three rounds. There are receivers drafted in the bottom half of the draft every year that make huge impacts on their teams. 

Our first couple of draft picks should be assigned to fill spots on the defensive line and linebacker positions. It was obvious that, our players that weren’t hurt were either too or too inexperience. I would like to see the organization draft an highly experience player that can step right in an make a difference on a struggling defense. With all of this said if players such as Miles Austin find themselves leaving Dallas. The money freed up should be spent wisely.

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Written by Leif Johnston


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