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Daily Dose 1-6-2010

Let's be honest, it's midway through the week before the biggest game the Cowboys have had in more than a decade – in fact this spans across three decades from the 90's and aughts to 2010. Sure they've had big games in the 13 years, but this round of the is different for them, namely because they are a different team. They are poised for a deep playoff run, but they have to clear a mighty large hurdle first – the Eagles for the third time this year and the second week in a row.

[wstlink]r[/wstlink]So we start today's dose with Mike Jenkins and DeSean Jackson. They're already putting the pressure on by talking a little smack via Twitter, and now Jenkins has posted about it on his blog. Granted, he took a more tactful approach on his blog, but these two seem to be falling into a personal , and we'd expect nothing less right? Jackson posting on Twitter, “My colleagues and I are prepared to issue a sound thumping.

is a very talented receiver, tough to stop. He’s fast and shifty and can give you a really hard time if you’re not prepared for him. He’s my favorite to and brings a challenge every play. He really makes you watch your P’s and Q’s.

into Washington

Mike ShanahanIn Washington, Mike Shanahan has been announced as the new and V.P. of Football Operations for the Redskins. He signed a five year deal and while he will work hand-in-hand with his old buddy Bruce Allen, Shanahan will call the shots with final say on matters as they look to rebuild the struggling franchise. has reported that Shanahan's son will be coming along as the new as well.

In other Redskins news, RB called out on a local radio show saying that he isn't a leader and likely never will be.

is a winner, after all?

I would anything in the world besides my family and my kids for a win. I could easily be at home right now, coming from Detroit. I could be 2-14 but instead I'm 11-5, East champion. It's a great feeling.

That's the latest from Roy Williams over on the Star-Telegram's Cowboys Corner on his move from the to the .

My colleagues and I are prepared to issue a sound thumping

Bryson T
Bryson T
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