Daily Dose 12-30-09

As many of you know the Pro Bowl Selection was last night and for the most part it was just as you’d anticipate it’d turn out.  Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, all made the cut, along with many other perennial pro-bowlers.  There were also some surprises and questions.  Wide Receivers Sydney Rice and Miles Austin capped of their impressive break out seasons by grabbing spots on the NFC pro bowl roster.

My biggest surprise though lies in one New Orleans Saint Marques Colston.  This guy has been flat out incredible, especially when you understand just how much Drew Brees spreds the ball around.  He is as consistent as they come.  His 2009-2010 season is currently at 69 receptions 1071 yards and 9 Touchdowns, which I think is better then Rice’s 77 receptions for 1200 yards and 6 touchdowns.

A cold year in Buffalo

As if things couldn’t get worse in Buffalo, it seems as though their “A” list coaches Gruden, Homgren, Shanahan, and Cowher have all declined offers to coach in upper New York.  Since the departure of Dick Jauron the Bills have been trying to find an answer.  It seems as though their answer isn’t going to come in the form they want it to, and will have to search for their next coach in the “B” or “C” list.

The Return of the Champ

The Pittsburgh Steelers are fighting for their playoff lives, but things wont get easier.  It seems as though All-Pro Safety Troy Polamalu may not be ready to go yet, when they need him most.  Polamalu has missed 6 games this season with a left knee injury, and the Steelers had hoped for his return.  According to Mike Tomlin on Sirius NFL Radio’s Opening Drive, Troy had been doing light pool work outs and running drills but is unsure he will be able to go this week.


New Orleans defensive end Bobby McCray was caught driving while intoxicated earlier in the week.  This adds to list of the Saints problems.  McCray had started after the injury to Charles grant and has 37 tackles and 6 sacks on the season.

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Written by Bo Martin

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