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Daily Dose 12-31-2009

Typically the “Daily Dose” is an article pertaining to the news around the league, but what happens when the are the news around the league.  That's right, for once the Cowboys are the talk of the media world for something besides drama and December woes.  This week the Cowboys have set the mark of team who is playing on all cylinders and poised to make a play off victory.

Most will attribute it to Tony Romo, others to DeMarcus Ware, and some to Miles Austin.  While these 3 players are well known as some of the best in the league and the true future of this franchise, there is one player who isn't getting his due.  Mike Jenkins has done a tremendous job of shutting down his side  of the field in pass coverage.  He is quietly becoming an all pro who is capable of shutting down any receiver.

In his most recent blog at, he writes about how he went from a cornerback who wasn't sure of his starting job to a break out star.  He attributes it directly to the battle with Scandrick that helped mold him.  Check out the article from the link below.

Check out Jenkins Blog here.

Ochocinco Playing With Fire

Chad Ochocinco of the Cincinatti Bengals has called out Cornerback Darrell Revis.

Darrell Revis couldn't cover me in a brown bag on a corner of a Manhattan street inside a phone booth, it's impossible.” Ochocinco told reporters.

Now Ochocinco and Revis are friends and nobody can be sure just how long the Bengals will play their starters, but if it's up to Ochocinco he'll be in the whole game.  You don't want to miss that matchup.

Slaying the Giant

Brandon Jacobs, often referred to as one of the most feared and powerful running backs in the game today, will miss his game against Minnesota this week.  announced yesterday that Jacobs would require arthroscopic surgery next week.

It is unknown how this will affect Jacobs bruising running style, but this could be bigger news then it's being broadcasted as.

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