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Dak Prescott On Contract Situation: “I’ve Gambled On Myself My Whole Life”

It’s now March of 2020, and Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott is still without a contract extension. In fact, in a couple weeks, it may be “free agent quarterback” Dak Prescott if the two can’t come to an agreement.

Prescott doesn’t seem phased.

When speaking with USA Today’s Jori Epstein this week, Prescott said that he’s “gambled on” himself his whole life, and is ready to send the team the “same message” he sent this year if he gets the franchise tag.

Jori Epstein on Twitter

If Cowboys tag Dak Prescott, what message would it send? “Hopefully it sends the same message that this year sent,” Dak told @usatodaysports. “But obviously, I want to win. “I’m somebody that I’ve gambled on myself my whole life.”

Obviously, Prescott feels that he deserves the longterm contract security from the Cowboys, and he’d be right to think this way. Prescott’s proven himself both as a franchise quarterback and a leader in the locker room everyday since entering the league in 2016. He’s been the biggest bargain in football for four season, and it’s come time for him to get his payday.

Prescott also said that he knows how his teammates feel about him, and doesn’t think that the contract situation will effect his ability to control the locker room.

Whether or not the next few months get ugly between Prescott and the Cowboys remains to be seen, but he certainly seems confident in his own ability.

What do you think?

Kevin Brady

Written by Kevin Brady

Die-hard Cowboys fan from the Northeast, so you know I am here to defend the 'boys whenever necessary. Began writing for a WordPress Cowboys Blog, and have been with ITS since 2016.


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  1. He thinks he is worth more than he actually is. He isn’t even a top 10 QB in NFL. No way Dallas should pay him 35mill a year.
    It just proves he is greedy. Dallas has offered him over 100 million, OMG if he can’t live the rest of his life on that then what does that say. His demands of being the king of cash will just cause Dallas not to be able to sign actual good players. Cut the greed qb and let him see how much less he will get because his accuracy sucks, 1 playoff win don’t make you good.

    • This take is hot garbage. The man played at an elite level for peanuts in comparison to lesser QBs. His stats are insane and he did this while playing in an outdated offensive scheme. The man can, and will get his money, as he should. The armchair “experts“ out here that talk like the money is coming out of their pockets should just keep it hush puppy.

    • Know exactly what ur talking about before opening ur mouth cause its not just about what u or i have read and listened to in the media, which in most cases is usually fabricated.. Either way its not for us to judge him and his business dealings based on he and his family’s well-being. The guy has exceeded expectation since day 1 as a 4th rd, 4th string QB and on a very cheap contract, let him get what he deserves. P.S. he is indeed a top 10 quarterback you un-objective hater.

  2. time to trade hime for picks. he hasnt won any huge games and is mediocre in playoff games so i would start fresh with a new QB, face it dallas isnt going to playoffs anyway so just rebuild

  3. I would use the nonexclusive tag on Dak that way you might get 2 first rounds for him and let some other team pay too much for him I just can’t see letting a lot of good players walk because your paying so much money for an ok quarterback he is being greedy just like a lot of these other players he couldn’t win with the good players he had how will he play with not so good of players my guess not so well then what are you going to have an over paid boat anchor.

  4. They only beat crappy teams in 2019. The good teams they lost too. So over 35MIL FOR MEDIOCRE isnt smart. at pick 17 get a QB and save $$$

  5. I agree dallas should trade dak for picks and get a better qb in the draft he is not worth what he thinks he is hes not that good of a qb anyway he cant win the big games when they matter and dallas will never win a super bowl with him

  6. So tired of Dak saying “I want to win” . . . . but I want so much money, we have to let pro bowl players go.

    Patrick Mahomes already said he’s not looking for a max contract so his teammates can getpaid. . .

    PS, there is no question Dak is a Top 10 QB . . ..These QBs need to realize their careers will not be successful without team mates.

  7. There’s no way I’d pay Dak as a top QB!! He’s good, but he’s not that good!! We all seen what happened before he got Amari Cooper…. He couldn’t win anything!! He needs really good players to be successful, but if he don’t take a team friendly deal he won’t have good players around him, so therefor he won’t be winning games!! I’m tired of hearing him say it’s not about the money, but then he turns down 33 million a year with a hundred million guaranteed!! If it’s not about the money then that deal should’ve been signed a long time ago!! He’s just being greedy period!! What ever happened to playing for the love of the game!? These days these players are playing for the love of the money!! If it was me I’d put the non exclusive tag on his greedy a**, talk him into signing it, and hope some other team is stupid enough to sign him to a contract he likes so we can get 2 first round picks out of it and then go draft Tua or Justin Herbert or even Jordan Love!! Any of these QBs could be just as good as Dak if not better!! If Dak don’t wanna help the team stay together then Jerry needs to do what’s best for the team and find a way to get picks out of Dak and draft another QB!! Jerry keeps saying he wants another super bowl before he dies, but it’s not gonna happen if they sign Dak to a big contract and lose the rest of the good players over it!! Somebody should be in Daks ear telling him he can’t win the super bowl by himself…. He couldn’t even make it to the playoffs with the team he had last season, so he needs to think about that before he tries taking the rest of the cap space for himself!! Stop being greedy!!

  8. The NFL is a business. Playing football is a very dangerous sport, in spite of the NFL talking out of both sides of the mouth. The players should get as much as they can, because of the shortness of playing in the NFL, without guarantees, which is stipulated in the CBA, regarding NFL Standard Contracts.

    Players are still having their careers cut short with a watered down version of the game. Loyalty went out the window, when Free Agency was implemented in 1993.

    The NFL is all about the Benjamin’s. Jerry Poppins was honest when he said this CBA along with the new Television rights, that will allow the NFL to expand into technology, will bring the owners more money into their pockets, rather their team win or lose. The NFL control its own product [ The Official]. It control which team goes to the Super Bowl and which personnel will be legend of the game. The Pete Rozelle is no longer. It died when Jerry Poppins brought the Cowboys.

    Too many fans, are still wanting football of the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and 00’s. Not happening, but an 18 games are coming to your nearby NFL Mega stadium very soon.

  9. Will Dak be a top QB someday? Maybe, or maybe he has reached his peak already. I was willing to give him a break because he didn’t get any coaching from Romo. But after all the coaching up last year I didn’t see any real improvement. That’s just how it goes in the league. He has not proven to be super bowl material. Is he ever going to be a Ma homes? NO.
    If I was Jerry, I would make my offer as take it or leave it. We have a first round pick. Maybe we can do better. Certainly cant do much worse. As long as Jerry is filling the seats he doesn’t care if he has more than a 50/50 season.
    As manager he wants to get good players. As owner he doesn’t want to sign the checks for good players. Lose Lose for the Cowboys franchise.
    Just one fans opinion

  10. Wow…He just fractured his leg and dislocated his ankle (10/11/2020). He can kiss the 145 million goodbye. He’s made over 30 million so no tears should be shed.

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