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DAL 28, ARI 17: Cowboys Restore Order With Gutsy Road Win

The Cowboys were looking to get back to winning after last week's big loss in Denver, but this game started to look like a repeat performance. Thankfully, Dallas found their mojo before halftime and bounced back for a 28-17 road victory over the .

Dallas only had 49 yards of and three punts on their first three drives. The also struggled early, giving up over a hundred yards to in the first quarter alone. But the Cardinals missed a field goal to keep things within one possession, and then started to make some noise. By the end of the game, Lawrence's presence was deafening.

With 3.5 sacks in the first two weeks, Lawrence nearly doubled his total with three more tonight. When he wasn't getting a sack, he was chasing, bumping, or otherwise pressuring Palmer on every other play. It was, by far, the most dominant performance by a Cowboys pass rusher since the peak of 's career. It was also the catalyst that seemed to rally the defense, and the team as a whole, and change the momentum of the game.

Like most of the team, and were slow starters but big finishers tonight. Zeke couldn't find room on several early carries but then broke loose for a 30-yard run that seemed to get things moving. Prescott came alive shortly thereafter, finishing the game with a rushing touchdown and two through the air.

Other Notes

  • Perhaps the most important plays were the ones that didn't happen tonight; turnovers. The Cowboys never turned it over, which had a lot to do with their ability to stay in the game early and then never give it back in the second half. After throwing two picks last week, Dak looked like his old self again with smart, efficient play.
  • While Lawrence was of the show on defense, he wasn't a solo act. was credited with two of his own and also got one. Damonte Moore nearly had one more if Carson Palmer hadn't barely crossed the line of scrimmage. What's more, Lawrence had a fourth sack taken off the board by a .
  • 's touchdown showed his grit and physicality, pushing his way through multiple Cardinals to get to the goal line and then get pushed through by . He only had two catches for 12 yards on the night, but that one play was a reminder of the impact Dez can still have when he gets the ball with a little room to run.
  • Speaking of room to run, finally got to show his stuff on punt returns and did not disappoint. With playing his hype man from the booth, Switzer showed his vision and quickness in squeezing out some yards despite narrow lanes. It certainly whetted our appetites for what's to come.
  • caught Prescott's other touchdown and it wasn't easy. Prescott scrambled to his right and launched into the endzone to allow Butler to make a play. Brice had to go up with a Cardinals defender on him and secure the ball. It was a great play for any receiver, but especially a guy who's battled drops.
  • Rookie CB showed some growth tonight with a few good pass breakups, but his best plays were in run support. More than once, Lewis reacted quickly to close on the runner and then finished plays with solid tackling. Much more development and he may not be giving back his spot in the top three.
  • The Cardinals will go from battling the Cowboys to rooting for them next Sunday as Dallas will host the . In one of the bigger surprises so far of 2017, the Rams are leading the West with their 2-1 record.
  • The now has three 2-1 teams; Dallas' victory moved them into a three-way tie with Philadelphia and Washington. The Giants are a delightful 0-3.
Jess Haynie
Jess Haynie
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