DAL 29, PHI 23: Prescott, Cowboys Survive Pressure

If every game in the Dak Prescott-Carson Wentz series is like this one, we’re in for one hell of a rivalry!

Cowboys Headlines - ESPN Marks Jason Witten as Future Cowboys Head Coach 1Prescott overcame the Eagles’ blitz and some early struggles to lead the Dallas Cowboys to 6-1 and an overtime victory. In a play reminiscent of Tony Romo, Prescott kept a redzone play going with a reverse rollout and eventually found Jason Witten for the winning touchdown.

The blitz certainly got to Dak Prescott at times. The rookie’s discomfort was no more evident than during the final two minutes, when Dallas went three-and-out because Prescott could never get a handle of what Philadelphia was doing.

However, Dallas won the overtime coin toss and never gave the Eagles a chance. Prescott went 5-of-5 for 56 yards on the winning drive, plus had a critical fourth-down run to keep the drive going. On the other critical drive late in the fourth quarter, Prescott was 5-of-8 for 78 yards and hit Dez Bryant for the game-tying touchdown.

Either because of the week off or maybe the hype going in, Dallas’ rookie QB didn’t quite look himself early on. However, when the lights and pressure were the most intense, Dak Prescott rose to the occasion and delivered a sixth-straight victory for the Cowboys.

Other Notes

  • The play of the game may have been on defense; Terrell McClain’s forced fumble of Wendell Smallwood that set up a Dan Bailey field goal and made it a one-possession game. The Eagles had a 10-point lead and had just received the ball back after forcing a Dallas punt. The turnover helped swing momentum back to the Cowboys.
  • Dez Bryant returned in style; four catches for 113 yards and the big touchdown catch. His first catch was a 53-yard bomb that helped set up Dak Prescott’s rushing touchdown in the first quarter. Bryant didn’t get full reps tonight, clearly spending some extra time on the sideline as he gets worked back into things. However, he made more than enough of his opportunities.
  • Speaking of special talent, Ezekiel Elliott confirmed why the Cowboys thought he was worth that fourth-overall pick tonight. Even when the offensive line wasn’t creating the same big holes, Elliott stayed productive on his own physical gifts and dynamic ability. His 148 yards of total offense kept the Cowboys competitive despite Prescott’s early struggles.
  • Much like against the Bengals in Week 5, DeMarcus Lawrence didn’t record a sack but his presence was felt across the board. He chased Carson Wentz into his teammates waiting arms a few times and also had a key stop in the running game. Still bothered by back and shoulder issues, Lawrence should becomes an even bigger factor as he heals up.
  • Sean Lee was a stone-cold killer tonight. Not only was he blowing up draws and screens but his coverage on Darren Sproles on a play-action helped force a punt midway through the game. He continues to lead the team in overall tackles and tonight he was a true difference maker.
  • I expected the Eagles defense to get exposed much like Green Bay’s did two weeks ago, but Philly deserves credit for how well they played today. They overcame a few key injuries and were able to limit Ezekiel Elliott’s productivity and rattle Dak Prescott like no defense has during the win streak. It wasn’t enough for a victory, of course, but they were impressive all the same.
  • The Cowboys are now 6-1 and enjoy a two-game lead or better over all NFC East foes. They have won six in a row.

What do you think?

Jess Haynie

Written by Jess Haynie

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