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Dallas blows lead against Chargers

The Cowboys started and ended the game in the same fashion. The Cowboys gave their best imitation of the Chargers, blowing a fourth quarter lead and allowing over 400 yards passing. The  wasn't where our problems ended though. Our never got into a smooth rhythm. played well again completing 27 of 37 for 244 yards and two touchdown passes to . Outside of the few catches by Witten, Bryant was the only reliable reciever on Sunday. Romo continued to place the ball where it neede to be, but his young recieving core let numerous balls go right through their hands.

We can sit here and disect the defense all day, but when your opposition has the ball the majority of the second half it is hard to stop anybody in the NFL. The defense kept getting called on when the offense would go three and out, and give San Diego good field position. The Chargers are still a quality team in this league and when you give them as many chances as the Cowboys did on Sunday they will take advantage of them.

I will continue to stress the importance of the . I thought we learned our lesson and saw just what a solid rushing game would do for the air attack…but I guess I was wrong.  only got 14 attempts for 70 yards. It's understandable that play calling goes away from the run a little bit when its only getting two yards at a time, but to completely abandon it is absurd. By doing this it allowed the front line of San Diego to tuck their ears back and rush Romo with no worries of a run play.

With all of the problems that arose throughout the game, the Cowboys still had a chance at a win if they could have gotten a score on their drive with 2:30 left in the 4th quarter. It looked as though we would get this score until a rookie mistake emerged out of the hands of wideout . He was one of the recievers that was dropping balls early in the game and his problems didn't stop there. He caught a slant route from Romo and was going to be about three yards shy of the goaline, he stuck out the ball stretching for extra yardage only to fumble and secure the win for the Chargers.

Even though this was a game the Cowboys should have won there is still no reason for panic. I say this beacause the East is looking weaker and weaker each week. The Eagles and Giants both lost again, and the Redskins might as well have lost. The Cowboys are still in control of the division, but next week will give us a look at what our squad looks like against the elite of the leauge. The Cowboys will host the Broncos in a game that could leave our defense in shreds if things don't get fixed in preperation this week.

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Its a shame that Romo hasnt had a decent line all this time, & when it looks like its improving somewhat, he now has to deal with rookie mistakes. Can he catch a break?

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