Would Dallas Consider Trading WR Terrance Williams?

Would the Dallas Cowboys consider trading wide receiver Terrance Williams after just re-signing him to a long-term contract this off-season?

This question happened to pop into my head when I was watching the Dallas Cowboys play the Indianapolis Colts this past Saturday. I was thinking about the wide receiver position and how difficult it’s going to be to keep all of these talented players when they start making cuts in order to get down to their final 53-man roster.

It may have been that Terrance Williams hasn’t really received a lot of playing time in preseason or shown up as much as Brice Butler or Noah Brown, but I started to wonder if Williams could be a tradable asset. It would be kind of a heartless move on the Cowboys part since he turned down more money and gave Dallas a team friendly deal to remain with the team that drafted him. But, this is a business and we have seen stranger things happen before.

First off, let me get one thing straight before we dive into this little bit more. I’m a fan of Terrance Williams and I believe he is vastly underrated for what he does on offense. Not only has he put up just as good statistics as any WR2 in the league, but he also does a lot of the dirty work that goes unnoticed.

I have a really hard time seeing Williams go anywhere anytime soon, but at the same time he could be used as a tradable asset in order to acquire a player that could improve a position of need. Who knows, maybe a WR needy team inquires about Williams availability and the Cowboys could find a player to upgrade the DE, DT, or LG positions. It’s highly unlikely, but not out of the realm of possibility.

Terrance Williams
WR Terrance Williams

I know I’m not alone here in believing that Williams could probably be replaced pretty easily and as soon as this season. For a few seasons now a lot of Cowboys Nation have wanted Brice Butler to become the WR2, but his consistency has never really allowed that to happen. But, that’s starting to look like a thing of the past so for and he could replace Williams production on offense.

Now, Butler isn’t as nearly as accomplished as a blocker as Williams and that is something the Cowboys coaching staff really values. But, that’s where I think Noah Brown comes in. He is an exceptional blocker and might already be the best blocking WR on the team.

The combination of Butler and Brown could make Williams expendable and at a fraction of the cost. The only problem with that is Butler is on a one-year contract and Brown still needs to fine-tune his skill set before he’s ready for a larger role.

I’ll admit this is unlikely to ever happen or even be discussed internally, but at the same time I can’t say it will never happen. That’s because the Cowboys have some tough decisions to make when they start making roster cuts and the WR position might be one of the toughest.

Do you think Terrance Williams is tradable?

What do you think?

Brian Martin

Written by Brian Martin

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