Dallas Cowboys 2009 Mock Draft


As we make the turn towards the final week of March, the next big question for Cowboys fans is what will Jerry and the Cowboys do with their eleven draft picks? We all know the needs, and where they will be making selections, but what we do not know is how will they use them!

I started this project with the thought that I would do two versions. The first version was going to be just using the 11 picks that the Cowboys currently have. Then I thought I would try to mock what the Boys may do, as far as moving up and down. Strange thing happened though! After completing my initial Mock, I realized that if they were able to walk away from the draft with these players, I would be completely satisfied!

Now I understand that this team is not going to draft eleven players, but Jerry can have another very successful draft.

Take a look and let me know what you guys think.

2009 Actual Draft order:

2nd rd. pick #51:      Darry Beckwith      ILB      LSU

3rd rd. pick #69:      Mike Mickens           CB        Cincinnati

4th rd. pick #101:    Michael Hamlin     SS         Clemson

4th rd. pick #117:     Xavier Fulton         OT        Illinois

5th rd. pick #156:     Mike Wallace          WR       Mississippi

5th rd. pick #166:     Pat White                 Ath.     West Virginia

5th rd. pick #172:     Sammie Lee Hill    DE        Stillman

6th rd. pick #197:     Roy Miller                 DT        Texas

6th rd. pick #208:     Andy Kemp              OG        Wisconsin

7th rd. pick #210:     Antonio Appleby   ILB       Virginia

7th rd. pick #227:     Garrett Reynolds   OT        North Carolina

What do you think?


Written by Phillip Baggett


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