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Dallas Cowboys 2010 Draft: What Are The Team Needs?

I have never been one to, in the words of Crash Davis “Fuck with a winning streak,” but  the time has come for us to begin to look forward and take a look at the 2010 .

There will be plenty to discuss over the next few months, but the first thing we need to work through are the needs of this team.

Through the early part of the season the top two areas of need were O-Line and D-Line. This, I thought, was a very clear picture. However, as the season has worn on this picture has become a little more cloudy. Due to the stellar play of in his fill-in for injured , the Cowboys now have what appears to be a legitimate starting waiting for an opportunity.

We must not forget about Robert Brewster, who was making a name for himself before being injured in the . will still be an area they'll want to address in the draft, but now it's not the dire situation it once was.

is still a main area of focus for this team and luckily for us the 2010 NFL Draft is going to be one of the deepest, if not the deepest, D-Line drafts ever. The Cowboys will more than likely lose the services of after this season.

He is simply going to be too expensive.

They also need to upgrade at the reserve position. They must find someone who can give Ratliff a rest, otherwise he is going to burn out way too soon.

This years Dallas has been unbelievable.

A major reason for their outstanding play is the play of Gerald Sensebaugh. I would love to see the guy back next year, but this may be a much more difficult proposition than anyone thought it would be. has been known for giving up loads of cash to keep his players, the question is—is Sensebaugh the of the future, or is he just what the doctor ordered for right now?

The 2009 have just might have the best corps in the league.

The Cowboys will have an opportunity in this years draft to land a junior version of , and it would be wise for them to do their very best to find his eventual replacement. He's simply not going to get any younger.

During the Cowboys December & January run they've gotten superb play from their —most notably . While this position is not a major area of concern for the Cowboys, it is an area that needs quality depth added to it.

There will be very few starting spots open for this years draft picks, but this will be a very important draft for the future of this team.

Keep checking in with us to find out the answers to these questions and others. For those that get all giddy about the NFL Draft, here is a list of some of my favorite Draft sites.

Walter Football, Footballs Future, BCScouting, Draft Tek, My NFL Draft.

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