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Dallas Cowboys 2016 NFL Draft: Jeff Driskel Film Review

is one of the more interesting quarterbacks in this year's draft class. Playing in the spotlight of the SEC as a Florida Gator, his time as a top QB recruit there was masked by . After -shortened seasons in 2013 and 2014, he decided to take his skills – at 6′ 4″ and 238 pounds – to Lousiana Tech.

Cowboys Blog - Dallas Cowboys 2016 NFL Draft: Jeff Driskel Film Review 2His stats from this season at LA Tech look like this:

281/450 Comp/Att
4,033 Yards
27 TDs
8 INTs

This first play gives you a feel for his throwing motion and presence in the pocket, as he gets through his reads before stepping up and delivering a clean throw. On this next throw below, you once again get a feel for what Driskel can do given time in the pocket, as he delivers a very accurate deep strike.

Driskel's mechanics can tend to be slower at times, as you watch him complete another deep pass, but he does show the ability to shorten his motion and get the ball out quickly when needed later on.

Overall, one thing I like from Driskel is that his mechanics are consistent with seemingly every throw. We see plenty of college quarterbacks struggle to repeat their motion on each passing attempt, but Driskel is not one of those prospects.

Here is a touchdown pass from Driskel, which serves as a good example of the QB letting his routes develop and making the correct read to the open deep man. Picture Driskel potentially standing behind the Cowboys line and having time to deliver throws like this:

As mentioned, here is Driskel under duress at the end of the first half. He is able to keep his eyes downfield and climb the pocket to complete this check down, which nearly goes for a touchdown.

This throw from Driskel is certainly not his best, but he's able to come off of his first read after a play fake, slide in the pocket, and still complete the pass. The tools to be a great are certainly there for him, and we will find out in the NFL how he adjusts to the speed of the game.

For his size, Driskel can move very well, as you'll see here when he throws another touchdown on the run to another exciting player in this draft.

Lastly, here is one more throw on the run from Driskel – who the Cowboys will get an exclusive look at while Jeff's roster. Should the Cowboys staff love what they see with Driskel and feel that they can develop him behind , it will allow them to automatically get a player who makes an immediate impact with both the fourth overall pick and their selection before potentially settling on Driskel in the third or fourth round.

See below the clip for the full Senior Bowl roster, sorted by position.


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Sean Martin
Sean Martin
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