August 25th, 2015. That day is burned into the brains of every fan there is.

It was on that fateful Tuesday afternoon when #32 for the Dallas Cowboys, , laid on the ground in the California sun writhing in pain from a torn ACL – which would snatch away his 2015 season from him.

While it is widely known that Scandrick will be making his return to the Cowboys in 2016, he might not be the only who was wearing #32 in California that day to do so.

, formerly of the , is a looking for a new home. Exactly 200 days after Scandrick's  word trickled down through the Twittersphere that it could be Dallas, TX.

Who exactly is Eric Weddle? Well if you just go off of photos, or his Twitter handle, then you know that the dude rocks a pretty righteous beard. What you might not know is just how incredible of a Free Safety he is.

Weddle has played 9 seasons in his NFL career. He has amassed 680 tackles, 6.5 , 19 interceptions (3 of which he took to the house), 5 forced fumbles, and 3 fumble recoveries (1 of which he also cashed in for six points).

Cowboys Headlines - Dallas Cowboys Among Those Interested In FS Eric Weddle

Eric's been to the Pro Bowl three times and been named a First-Team All-Pro twice. His resume is immaculate.

The Dallas Cowboys currently have two pretty subpar starting safeties in and JJ Wilcox. Church is a Team Captain so he's got some positive vibes going for him, but JJ Wilcox is still chasing Matthews in overtime of the second Philly game. Many have speculated that last year's rookie standout will supplant Wilcox as he did at points throughout the 2015 season.

Well what if Byron had a guy like Eric Weddle next to him? Doesn't that sound interesting? I tweeted out this hypothetical late Friday night and had someone, a staunch advocate for , say that a Weddle would ensure the Cowboys disinterest in the Florida State Seminole. Hold those horses.

Walk with me down Hypothetical Avenue, a street I admittedly frequent, and imagine this:

Byron Jones is thought to be playing safety, sure, but what if he didn't? What we know more than anything about Byron is that he is a phenomenal Defensive Back. The same can be said for Jalen Ramsey.

The Cowboys aren't likely to bench both Wilcox and Church so imagine that Weddle replaces the former. You've got your safety spots ensured, a returning Orlando Scandrick, a re-signed Morris Claiborne, some loose change in & , and two hybrid in Byron Jones & Jalen Ramsey. All of a sudden that sounds pretty scary, doesn't it?

Eric Weddle's presence allows that to happen. Let's bring him to Dallas and get to work.

What are your thoughts on Eric Weddle to the Cowboys? Let us know! Comment below, Email me at, or Tweet to me at @rjochoa!

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Randy Martin

That alignment sounds pretty awesome! However I'm starting to believe Ramsey will be gone by #4. But there could be some trading in the early part of the draft that could change everything. Can't wait for the draft! Buckle up!

Tony Payne

Cowboys need Waddle but the Joneses will pee it a way by waiting We need a new onwner.

Blue Star

Oh god, Weddle was not a good player at all last year. Freaking PASS.