Dallas Cowboys At Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 5 Bold Predictions

If you’ve read my Bold Predictions here at Inside The Star before then you know how much I like to start them off with a funny story that correlates to the game about to be played.

There is no funny story today. This game is all about BUSINESS.

The Cowboys have dug themselves into a 2-6 hole that requires a kickstart of energy that needs to begin tomorrow down in Tampa Bay. Tomorrow’s game is a must-win as this team’s playoff hopes severely depend on it. You can read more about what it’s going to take to get a ticket to the tournament right here.

Enough talk, enough jive, here are my 5 Bold Predictions.

Darren McFadden Rushes For More Yards Than Jameis Winston Passes For

“Anyone can run behind this offensive line” seems to actually be… true?! What?!

RJ Ochoa on Twitter

29’s averages per game in 2014: 24.5 carries, 115.3 yds #20 over last three games (since being named starter): 25.3 carries, 111 yds Hmm.

If that doesn’t make you scratch your chin then I don’t know what will. Darren McFadden has been on all kinds of fire during these last three games for the Dallas Cowboys. Consider that not only have those three games been against the Giants, Seahawks, and Eagles… but they’ve been without Tony Romo at the quarterback position. That adds an extra level of “Wow!” to the mix in my opinion.

Jameis Winston has played well considering he’s a rookie, but this Dallas Cowboys Defense has had enough. They’re going to stifle him and on the other side of the ball DMC is going to do his thaaaang. Choo Choo goes the DMC Train – all aboard!

Tony Romo Is Shown On TV At Least 10 Times

The Cowboys have escaped the jaws of the Troy Aikman/Joe Buck-led FOX broadcast and have landed Kevin Burkhardt and John Lynch for this game. That doesn’t mean that Tony Romo won’t be a hotly discussed topic.

Throughout the game you just know that they’re going to reference the six-game losing streak that the Cowboys are on. “Tony Romo is coming back next week so the Cowboys have to find a way to win” is going to be uttered in what will feel like a million different iterations. Each time they mention the subject they’ll cue Antonio Ramiro Romo on the sideline coaching up Cassel and chewing on some flower seeds.

Byron Jones Gets Two Interceptions

It’s tough to feel good about anything when you haven’t won a game since September, but holy smokes do the Cowboys have something in Byron Jones.

The first rounder had himself quite the game last Sunday Night and earned the constant praise of Cris Collinsworth in the process. He seems to be just a second away from turning those great plays into game-changers and with the Cowboys starving for turnovers I expect Byron to find a way to make it happen not once, but twice!

You’ll be seeing more of these tweets after the game.

Cowboys Nation on Twitter

Just ordered…

The Dallas Cowboys Defense Dominates

Have you ever felt like the waiter is taking forever to bring you your food? What feels like hours goes by until he finally delivers it and its well worth the wait?

Jerry Jones is finally about to get what he ordered in the offseason.

This Cowboys defense has generated one, a little baby one at that, turnover since the last time we had a game end in victory. Rod Marinelli has probably not been too nice about that in practice.

Jeremy Mincey recently gave some insight as to just how important this game is:

Jon Machota on Twitter

Jeremy Mincey: “The urgency will be a lot higher this week, I promise you that much. We’ll get this fixed.

While that obviously invites the question, “Dude… why was it not at its highest possible level EVERY week?” it does imply that they know just how up against the ropes they are. They are going to be aggressive from jump street because you know what? Help is on the way. You know it, I know it, they know it, and the NFC East knows it. Speaking of…

The Dallas Cowboys Will Have A Division-Dominating Day

The New York Giants play the New England Patriots.

The Philadelphia Eagles play the Miami Dolphins.

The Washington Redskins play the New Orleans Saints.

The Dallas Cowboys play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Get ready to enjoy an entire day of football because there’s going to be only one win in the NFC East tomorrow, and it’s going to belong to the Dallas Cowboys.

This division is in a state of disarray right now, and while they may have looked like competent football teams against the Cowboys over the last few weeks… the Giants and Eagles are about to fold.

When all of that comes to fruition tomorrow you’re going to hear the national media start to talk about how Dallas is well within striking distance of the NFC East Crown. The analysts will say, “Tony Romo is back next week so this team is about to get on a roll.”

The roll starts tomorrow down Tampa Bay. We knew that before everyone else, Cowboys Nation. Let’s go handle our business.

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