Dallas Cowboys Bye Week: What To Root For

Do you remember in Jingle All The Way when all of the other kids were getting a Turbo Man action figure, NOT A DOLL, how Arnold Schwarzenegger was concerned his kid was going to be alone while the other kids played with theirs?

Tomorrow while most fan bases get to root for their team, Cowboys fans will have to sit idly by (perhaps with Turbo Man’s lovable pet, Booster) as this is our bye week. Arnold let us down!

In all seriousness, the Cowboys really need this bye. The week off will allow for many injured players, namely Dez Bryant, a week of rest before the all-important matchup against the New York Giants next week.

Speaking of those pesky G-Men, with the Cowboys on bye… what do we want to happen across our division this week? That’s what I’m here to answer for you! It’s Turbo Time.

Washington Redskins (2-3) At New York Jets (3-1)

This one is easy. We want the Jets to win (preferably 19,438-0). It shouldn’t be hard considering that the Jets are coming off of their bye, they get Sheldon Richardson back, and the Redskins are the Redskins. Sha-bam.

New York Giants (3-2) At Philadelphia Eagles (2-3)

Monday Night Football is a Monday Night Stomach Ache for Cowboys fans. It’s difficult to decide which way we want this game to go. Do we want to bury the Eagles now, or do we want to keep the Giants within striking distance?

We need to keep the Giants within striking distance here. These are the next four weeks for Dallas, Philly, and New York (because of course we’re not at all worried about Washington):

Dallas Cowboys New York Giants Philadelphia Eagles
Week 6 BYE at Philadelphia Eagles New York Giants
Week 7 at New York Giants Dallas Cowboys at Carolina Panthers
Week 8 Seattle Seahawks at New Orleans Saints BYE
Week 9 Philadelphia Eagles at Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Dallas Cowboys

Let’s make some assumptions here:

  1. Philadelphia will lose to Carolina in Week 7.
  2. New York will beat both New Orleans and Tampa Bay.
  3. Seattle will not be an easy game for the Cowboys.

The last thing that the Cowboys need is to have the Giants at 4-2 when they’re going to New York. That would put an incredible amount of pressure on that game. Obviously with a win they would stay well in contention with them, but a loss?

Assuming the Giants beat the Eagles this week they’d be 4-2, remember that the Cowboys are 2-3 with no game this week. Imagine going to New York and losing that game. They’d be 5-2, we’d be 2-4, and they’d have two walks in the park ahead of them while we would have Seattle and Philadelphia. It could turn ugly quick.

When Monday Night Football hits this week and Jon Gruden says something about how Sam Bradford ties his shoes better than anyone in the history of pro football, just roll your eyes and stomach it. The Cowboys will be in a much more manageable position for the rest of the season with a Giants loss this week.

These next four weeks could very well decide the 2015 NFC East winner. Let’s get it started with a New York Giants loss this week.

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