Dallas Cowboys’ Chris Canty Now Walks With Giants

The talk for a long time now has been will Chris Canty stay with the Cowboys, or would he land the huge contract he was in search of? All the talk became a reality on Sunday morning, when the New York Giants signed Chris Canty. The Giants signed Canty to a six year $42 million dollar contract, with $17.25 million of it guaranteed.

While I am not in shock that Canty was able to get this kind of money, even though he did nothing to deserve it. I was shocked at who gave it to him! The Giants already have Justin Tuck, and Osi Umenyiora holding down the End positions. Now they bring in Canty and are going to pay him more than either one of those guys! Why?

In article by Clarence Hill over at the Star-Telegram where he says that Canty will be moved to the tackle position. If this is the Giants plan, it is most definitely a plan they will grow to regret! Canty was, well average at best during his stint with the Cowboys. All the Cowboys asked him to do, was to be able to hold position against big offensive tackles. He was not asked to be a rusher. The Cowboys have had one guy on the defensive line that has been able to do this on a weekly basis, and no I am not talking about Marcus Spears! Jay Ratliff has been the only constant producing lineman on this team, whether that be from the middle or out on the end. The Giants are now going to ask him to move down into the real trenches, to battle with players such Leonard Davis. Chris Canty stands no chance of being able to get any kind of push on these road graders!

I have one last issue I would like to cover with all of you. This morning I read an article, in which the author goes on and on about how Dallas should have made re-signing Canty a priority. The author says things like

Be careful how you snicker and wink at each other today, as defensive end Chris Canty departs the Dallas Cowboys via the free agent door.” & “if he was so expendable, why did the line for his services form”.

This just drives me insane! For some unknown reason members of the Dallas area media, have this deficiency in their brain that does not allow them to understand simple things. The Dallas Cowboys  wanted Chris Canty back, but Canty and a handful of teams thought he was worth $7 million a season! I implore anyone to show me where this guy played $7million a year good! If Dallas had given Canty this deal, there would have been people screaming from the rafters that Jerry has lost his mind!

So listen up! It is impossible to keep everyone, and correct me if I am wrong, but what was so stellar about the 2008 Dallas Cowboy rush defense? So with that thinking, how would this line be any better if no one new was added? There will be players added via free agency and the draft to repair this problem, and I will assure you that the departure of Chris Canty will not destroy this team!

What do you think?


Written by Phillip Baggett


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