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Dallas Cowboys Could Get More Salary Cap Space Tomorrow

In the wake of 's surprise earlier this , one of the big questions was what would happen to his $11 million cap hit? The likely outcome being that the Cowboys would not designate him “retired” until after June 1st.

Often, when a player is released, a post-June 1st designation can typically save the team more money on the cap than just an outright . By waiting until after June 1st to move Frederick to the reserve/retired list, they'll get the same type of savings to this year's cap. This is the case with the .

As Jason Fitzgerald of explains, the Cowboys are set to recoup $7 million in cap space this season by waiting to make Frederick's retirement official on June 2nd.

“Travis Frederick currently counts for $11.975 million on the Cowboys and would have counted for $11.04 million in dead money had they officially retired him back in March. By waiting the Cowboys only need to account for $4.975 million in dead money this year, opening up $7 million in cap room to bring them to around $12 million for the season. So waiting was clearly the right move for them as they needed some extra cap space. Frederick's charge next year will be $6.065 million. “

Jason Fitzgerald –

The Cowboys will then have roughly $12 million in cap space to work with for the and the possibility remains that there will be more after a couple of moves.

Once the Dallas Cowboys work out a long-term agreement with , they'll be able to lower his 2020 cap hit from the hard hold that is the $31 million designation. There is no wiggle room with the franchise tag, thus creating a bit of urgency from the team's perspective to go ahead and get a deal done. Once that deal is done, the Cowboys can free up some more salary cap space.

The other option for the Dallas Cowboys to create more cap space would be to release , though that seems highly unlikely at this point.

As the Dallas Cowboys seek to show multiple looks in their front seven, Tyrone Crawford's versatility is an important trait. His ability to play both inside and on the in four-man fronts and as a in three-man fronts helps the Cowboys be more versatile in their front seven.

Tyrone Crawford's $9.1 million cap hit for 2020 seems like a lot and the Cowboys have refused Crawford's offer to take a pay cut, likely as a sign of goodwill toward the player and the agency (Tyrone Crawford and Dak Prescott share the same representation). Crawford has been a leader in the locker room for some time and with gone to the , Crawford's voice may be a needed one.

Once that money is freed up, it provides more flexibility for the Dallas Cowboys if they wanted to pursue a highly sought after through the market.

There isn't another move they could make that could save them a significant amount of salary cap space at this point. And while they may not use the $12 million in space that they'll have tomorrow, the benefit of having it and not using it is they can roll it over to next year's cap. With the possibility that the salary cap could face a period of stagnant or little growth in the wake of , having that cap space to roll over to the future cap will be beneficial.

None of this is unexpected. It's simply accounting maneuvers. But tomorrow those maneuvers will take effect.

John Williams
John Williams
Dallas Cowboys optimist bringing factual, reasonable takes to Cowboys Nation and the NFL Community. I wasn't always a Cowboys fan, but I got here as quick as I could. Make sure you check out the Inside The Cowboys Podcast featuring John Williams and other analysts following America's Team.

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